Everyone used to hate the idea of tidying up their room, but Marie Kondo has managed to invert this trend. Using an ultimately inspiring, honest and freeing approach, she’s become world-renowned through her book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’ and the Netflix phenomenon that is ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. Her focus on choosing joy for the better is at the heart of all her suggestions and already we’ve covered some of the basics that go into the Marie Kondo principle of tidying.

The KonMari method is now synonymous with organising your belongings and at Beyond Storage, we believe that this method can be applied to absolutely any scenario. For that reason, we’re encouraging everyone to give KonMari a chance by taking Marie Kondo’s principles for thirty days, to ultimately lead to a clutter-free home and better personal well-being. With all of the other stress and pressure we encounter on a daily basis, it’s important to not underestimate the comfort of a tidy, organised home, or bedroom.

How does KonMari work?

Put simply, KonMari relies on a simple principle. Tidying starts with being honest and discarding your clutter. Whether you are donating to charitable courses, getting rid of rubbish, or recycling your belongings, you need to be prepared to resist storing away these items that you don’t need to keep.

Start off by establishing what you need to keep and what you can definitely get rid of them, and create two piles. Once you have these defined boundaries, you can work on the other items which may be harder to categorise. Don’t be afraid to be brutal in some cases; items that you haven’t used in six months are prime candidates to go. If you can’t bear to get rid of some things, you can always consider using Beyond Storage to keep your additional items in perfect condition, until you are ready to find a real home for them, or make the decision to get rid of them.

Beyond Storage 30 Day Room Declutter Challenge. Marie Kondo. Declutter room.

The Beyond 30 Day Room Declutter Challenge

The Beyond 30 Day Challenge is split into six rooms. For each room, you have five days to sort through all your belongings in the room, declutter wherever possible, re-organise and re-categorise your ‘stuff’ and hopefully leave your room, and eventually your home in a tidier state.


  • Utensil Drawers
  • Cutlery Drawers
  • Kitchen Equipment and Crockery
  • Food Cupboards


  • The Bookshelves and DVD rack
  • Desks and Tables
  • Cupboards
  • TV, Technology and Laptop


  • Under the Bed
  • Bedside Cabinet
  • Clothing Drawers, and Wardrobe
  • Bedroom Floor, Windowsill and Shelves


  • Medicine Cupboard
  • Cleaning Product
  • Airing Cupboard
  • Toiletries and Makeup


  • Miscellaneous boxes
  • Cards
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Old technology and appliances

Although the list seems daunting, remember you have six days for every room. Meaning you can spend one day completing each single item on the list and still leave yourself two days to review your work in each case, meaning you don’t have to rush any decisions.

We’d love to see how you get on! Please post your results on Instagram with the hashtag: Beyond30DayDeClutter and we’ll share your superb work! Happy tidying!