Every garden needs some TLC and what better way than some garden must-haves. As Autumn settles in it brings the season of colour and vibrancy, the changing of the leaves from green and orange to red and brown giving your garden atmosphere. Give your garden your own touch of personality with a few DIY garden must-haves that can transform something seemingly useless into something incredible.

Watering-Can Lights:

Very soon the clocks will be going back and the evenings will be darker quicker, but not to worry brighten up your garden with this easy DIY watering can light. Simply thread the fairy lights through the holes and light them up, then hang the can up on a hook and it can look like it’s pouring water. This can simply transform your garden and you can even make a few to light up your pathway. Unique and magical!

Image: Smart School House

Breeze Block Bench:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect garden seating, especially if you have a small garden and want to make the best use of the room you have. There is no need to worry you can make life a bit easier and create your own DIY garden bench. Use breeze blocks stacked one on top the other opposite each other, and place a plank of wood across them. You could add a cushion on top for added comfort! This simple garden seating can complement the rest of your garden and create more of a homely atmosphere.

Broken Plant Pot?

Stop! Don’t throw away that broken plant pot, get creative with it and use the broken parts to form a mini garden adventure. Add soil and small plants, use broken pieces to create steps and add any other little rocks or stones to make it unique. It’s like a mini wonderland for the little creatures of the garden. Be adventurous and make different ones placed around the garden.

Image: My Amazing Things

Label Bricks:

If you’re someone who loves to grow vegetables and herbs all year round, it can be difficult to know what plant, you have put where right? Make this easier by labelling bricks, simply write on a brick in permanent marker and place it near the plant according to its name. Not only does it make finding the herbs easier for you but also can give your garden that added personality and comfort.

Sieve plant pot:

Finding the right plant pot can be difficult for the right plant, try up-cycling sieves and use it as a pot for the plants. It’s breathable, and will grow better as the holes in the bottom helps the plant to receive lots of nutrients and prevents it from becoming over watered. You can paint the sieve to make it look more creative and brighten up your garden. Why not hang it up by attaching string tied at the handles on each side.