Cleaning is generally seen as one of the longest and never-ending chores in the house and, unless your a clean freak, it may not be very enjoyable either. One way or another it’s a task that needs to be done and is usually left down to the parents. How about making cleaning more enjoyable for the whole family by using these easy cleaning hacks that would make life that much easier?

Bathroom tricks:

It’s surprisingly ironic how dirty the shower head can get when it’s constantly releasing running water when in use. However, the shower head can be affected by a serious case of limescale build up which can not only clog up the flow but also doesn’t give you the best shower experience every time. It can be difficult to clean but now with this easy cleaning hack, the shower head can in effect clean itself. Click here

Self-Cleaning Blender:

Cleaning the blender can be difficult with all the nooks and crannies around the blade. Get the blender to self-clean by simply partially filling it with water and adding dish soap, switch it on for around 30 seconds, empty and rinse!

Easy cleaning hacks

Image: Today

Small items:

Lost your earring? Lost that last screw you needed to finish the new wardrobe? We have all been there! Don’t you just hate when you lose something so small yet so important and essential. Not to worry, all you will need is a pair of stockings or pantyhose and a vacuum cleaner. Simply stretch one leg of the pantyhose over the end of the vacuum tube. Then, vacuum over the area where you might have dropped that item and it should attach itself to the pantyhose without getting sucked into the vacuum!

Image: Today’s homeowner

Lint roller:

Cats and dogs are adorable but wouldn’t you agree their hairs can be the most hardest thing to clean out of your new suede sofa or your fresh cream carpet? Here’s a simple hack to solve that issue by using a lint roller, similar to how it works on your clothes you can use it to clean up those gnarly pet hairs.

Magically erase marks off wood:

Have you got creative children who love to draw on almost everything and anything they can get their hands on? Most the time it is easy to clean, whether it be on their clothes or even on themselves. However, what about on wood? Too difficult? No need to worry! Toothpaste with a bit of warm water can easily get rid of those marks.