5 new ways to store your shoes!

Storage space for your ever growing shoe collection is a common problem for us all, whether you live in a small perfectly formed flat in the city or a mansion in the country. If you hit the high street you’ll encounter a vast range of simple storage solutions from boxes to shelves. However, if you want a more intriguing, design conscious and eye catching, but practical solution. Look no further for our top 5 new ways to store your shoes!

1. Hang moulding on the walls to create a shoe display.

Create your own feature wall with rows of moulding. Convert that old picture rail into a shoe holder. With as many rows as you like at all heights, you literally can hang your heels up after a long day and at the same time create a talking point for visitors.

shoes 1

2. Use a large picture frame as a slide out shoe drawer.

That unused space under anything from your drawers to your dresser can be turned into a shoe tray that is easily pulled out and stowed away. Particularly good for children’s shoes if the space is small, adjust your frame size and depth to the unused gaps under your furniture.

shoes 2

3. Use a wooden pallet against the wall and put your shoes in the slits.

Wooden pallets are easily available and often very cheap. Keep it “au natural” or paint it to incorporate it into your colour scheme. This works well indoors or outdoors and is a cheap and easy alternative for the price conscious consumer. This also allows you to impress your friends with your upcycling chic.

shoes 3

4. Hang your shoes on a curtain rail.

Use a pre-existing curtain rail or hang a new one and instead of attaching it to curtains, hang shoes from each one instead. This works particularly well with baby shoes, which also look very cute when hanging in a row. Alternatively, attach towel rails to the wall and use those.

shoes 4

5. Hang a shoe organiser on a room divider or screen.

Make a shoe organiser go further by hanging them off a screen or folding room divider instead of just on the inside of your wardrobe doors. This increases storage space and if you only cover one side it keeps your shoe collection hidden from any visitors.

shoes 5

Ultimately, be creative, use what you’ve got, upcycle where you can and add individuality to find new ways to store your shoes!


Image credits: www.architectureartdesigns.com/33-clever-ways-to-store-your-shoes/