Lack of space can be so frustrating especially if you’re not sure how to utilise the space available in the room. Have you ever said to yourself “where am I going to put it” when a new product is advertised that would save time and hassle in the kitchen? Well there’s no need to worry as we’ve come up with 5 brilliant storage hacks that can transform your life if you have a small kitchen.

1. Under the sink space:

Sometimes there is just no more room for all those bottles of cleaning products, but they are all needed, right? Why not utilise the space under your sink more by simply putting up a tension rod. Let the bottles hang up high as you have made more room for other products below.

Storage hacks for a tiny kitchen

Image: Apartment therapy

2. Cupboards and walls:

Make use of the cupboard or wall space you have available and hang up your mugs on these space-saving and trendy hooks. Its quick, easy and isn’t time-consuming and saves a great deal of space too.

3. Inner cupboard door:

All those little bottles of seasonings and spices can really take up a lot of room in a fairly big cupboard that can be used for other things. How about making the best of both worlds by attaching storage holders on the inside door for those little bottles of spice. Now the whole cupboard is being used to the full.

Image: Woohome

4. Easy chopping:

Wouldn’t you agree that sometimes there is literally no more space to put your chopping board to get dinner ready? How about installing a chopping board just under the counter top so it can be easily pulled out when it’s needed. Not only does it provide more room for you to cook but also it saves lots of space in cupboards where the chopping board would usually go!

5. Hanging Utensils:

Serving spoon, wooden spoon, spatula, whisk just a few of the larger utensils that are essential in the kitchen, yet they are the hardest to store. Make life in the kitchen that little bit easier by hanging them from their own hooks underneath a cupboard space. Now they are easily accessible, you have more drawer space and it looks unique.