From clown heads and racy photos to liquor bottles and newspaper clippings, people come across all sorts of items in storage facilities. We’ve all seen TV shows where competitive bidders fight it out to buy a storage unit with the hopes of finding some hidden treasures stored within – but what are some of the truly weirdest and most wonderful storage unit finds?

If you have been curious to know about the weirdest things that have ever been uncovered in such units, our latest article here at Beyond Storage runs through the top five.

Nicholas Cage’s $2 Million Dollar Comic Book

Nicholas Cage has been known to be an ardent comic book collection – in fact, large amounts of his Hollywood wealth have been spent on accruing a truly monstrous collection. Even so, it came as a great surprise when an unnamed man stumbled upon a comic book that was once stolen from Nicholas Cage ten years before. The book, which was worth over $2 million was returned to the actor.

Space Equipment

A winning bidder in Florida found a countdown clock and a NASA rocket in a storage container he bought through the Auction Hunters on Spike. The items were kept there following the discontinuation of the programme in which they were used – a truly out of this world find!

Burt Reynolds’ Memorabilia

Burt Reynolds loved to keep all sort of collectables in his personal storage unit, but when the point came when he was unable to pay for the container, it was put up for auction. The unit had lots of interesting items including a horse carriage, a canoe from the 1972 ‘Deliverance’ film, a Smokey and the Bandit toy car, and a 1955 letter from his doctor. The memorabilia found was put in a museum to offer fans of Burt’s work a chance to view them.

Lotus Submarine Car from James Bond

The Lotus Submarine vehicle that was used by Roger Moore in a James Bond Movie is another precious yet strange item that was discovered in a storage container by a man in Long Island. The car was auctioned off in 2013 alongside other classic racing cars.

Grandma’s Body

When a coffin descends into the ground, it signifies finality; everything is over. However, some people come up with rather odd ways to ensure that their loved ones stay with them forever, with one of the strangest cases being that of a family that kept the body of their grandmother for 17 years – in their storage unit While the storage of urns of body remains is not unheard off, storing a whole body in a casket is an entirely different matter.

Even though keeping some of the above-mentioned items in a container is bizarre, it only goes to show that such facilities can be used for all sorts of storage purposes. At Beyond Storage, we provide units that can suit any storage requirements – although we really draw the line at passed-on relatives.

Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, you can guarantee that we have the perfect storage solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to get more information on our services.