Heading back to uni in September? Then it’s time to get organised. If you’ve been spoiled over the summer with tons of space to sprawl out at Mum & Dad’s, settling back into your more ‘cozy’ university accommodations can be a bit of a shock to the system. Here’s your essential checklist to ensure there’s plenty of space for you – and your favourite stuff – in your bedroom this term.

Necessary Documentation & ID

  • What Do I Need?

If you’re lucky enough to look under 18, you’ll need a valid ID – like a driving licence or passport – to get into student union bars or the local pubs. It’s also a good idea to bring any housing contracts with you, and a copy of your school exam certificates.

  • What Can I Leave Behind?

Practically everything is done electronically these days, so if you have digital copies of your course acceptance letter and housing confirmation, there’s no need to bring hard copies with you. Just keep the files handy on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Great Storage Ideas

Keep your ID with you at all times – you never know when you might need it! For copies of contracts, a plastic file is ideal. It will help keep any essential documentation flat and protected, and makes it easier to stay organised in a compact space.


Course Essentials

  •  What Do I Need?

Paper, pens, and research books/study materials that are on this term’s curriculum are the usual essentials, but depending on your course you may need a few extras. Consider whether you need art supplies, reference materials, or any hardware.

  • What Can I Leave Behind?

Unless you’re doing a computing course, you shouldn’t need to fill your room up with desktops, laptops, or personal printers. Consider a communal ‘IT corner’ for the house, or make use of your university’s onsite facilities in the lab or library.

  • Great Storage Ideas

Books have a bad reputation for taking up loads of space, but they can actually be very easy to store. Make use of all those little nooks and crannies – like on top of the wardrobe or behind the door – or store in a plastic box that slides under the bed.


Bedroom Bits

  • What Do I Need?

Perhaps the most essential bedroom bits are spare linens. Student life can be busy and hectic, and you won’t always have time to get the laundry done when it gets a bit smelly. A quick sheet change gives you a bit more time to head to the laundrette.

  • What Can I Leave Behind?

Do you really need an alarm clock? Isn’t that what the clock app on your smartphone is for? And how about that iron and ironing board? Most materials can easily be smoothed out and made wrinkle-free by hanging them in a warm, steamy bathroom.

  • Great Storage Ideas

Bedding is often big and bulky – especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a double bed in your room. This is where vacuum bags really come in handy. They can reduce the size of your spare stuff, making it easy to slip it somewhere out of the way.


Having Trouble Letting Go?

Can’t decide what to take and what to leave behind? You’re not alone. It’s particularly difficult if you’re moving across the country – or even abroad – to study, and won’t have quick and easy access to anything you leave at home (like those favourite stuffed toys that you don’t want your housemates to see!). Remember – if there’s anything you don’t have room for at uni, but can’t stand to leave behind, you will be able to find local, accessible storage companies to keep your stuff safe and secure until you have a bit more space for little luxuries and non-essentials.