The bathroom is one of the most versatile rooms of the home. Whether it’s used for bathing, dressing, unwinding, styling, primping, or preening, the bathroom gets a lot of use, and it certainly needs to be well stocked – the trouble is, where do you store everything?

Unfortunately, the bathroom is where we need the most ‘stuff’ – from toothbrushes to towels and from medicines to magazines – and yet it typically has the least effective storage space. If you’re struggling to find room for everything, here are some quick and easy ways to maximise space in your bathroom and leave it looking tidy, organised, and not quite as chaotic as before:

Build Upwards, Not Outwards

If you want to clear some counter space in your bathroom, the trick is to store your things vertically, rather than horizontally. Small stacking boxes will do the trick, but why not use this as an opportunity to get creative? Antique cake stands, pretty wine racks, or even decorative garden wall planters can all create lots more storage space while at the same time helping to keep your bathroom looking stylish.
Make Use of ‘Dead’ Space

Over-the-door storage is a great way to make use of an all-too-often underutilised area. Believe it or not, fabric shoe racks make for great over-the-door storage solutions as they’re inexpensive and contain many different pockets for keeping small, fiddly items in that usually end up sprawled everywhere. This is a great solution for hairbrushes and combs, deodorants and body sprays, make-up cases and brushes, and cotton wool balls.
Who says coat hooks can only be used in hallways and closets? Coat hooks in the bathroom create easy and accessible storage for bath towels, hand towels, and robes, keeping them off the floor and, perhaps more importantly, off the door. There’s nothing worse than nipping to the loo and realising you can’t close the door properly because of a towels that’s been draped over the top to dry after a bath or shower!

Hidden Solutions

What’s going on underneath your bathtub? Nothing! If you have a standard panelled bath, all that space between the panel and the underside of the tub is being wasted. Many companies are introducing storage panels that feature sliding compartments that give you access to that space underneath your tub – it’s not much, but it’s ideal for keeping spare loo rolls and cleaning products that you don’t want on show.
Maximising your bathroom space isn’t just important in terms of how your bathroom looks, it’s also important in terms of hygiene and health. Unorganised bathrooms that are cluttered and have wet towels covering the floor are at a much greater risk of developing mould and mildew which not only makes the bathroom look dirty, but can also be detrimental to health. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to see how a little bit more storage can really transform your home.