How was your summer? Hasn’t time flown and the kids are all grown, your little ones may be starting in their first school or they may be going to ‘big school’. But, have you got everything ready for that hectic and dreaded first day back? With the new academic year in full flow, you may be looking for those last minute essentials to get you back into your routine. Or you may be looking for those easy drop off/pick-up techniques to deal with the kids this new school year. We know how frustrating it can be when it’s the first day and the kids just don’t want to compromise with you. First the early wake-up, then the breakfast madness topped by the awful screeching in the house as you bellow for them to get ready.

No need to fear, Beyond is here to help you with these quick DIY top tips and tricks for that smooth transition into the new year. To save you the hassle and give you that extra time to prepare yourself we have got a few handy back to school tricks that you can add to your books. They are quick, easy and DIY friendly to help you get on back on track.

Drop off zone:

Set the boundaries with an after school drop off zone. Shoes and jackets off, bags on the hook and now check the noticeboard. You can create your own after school or even before school drop off zone to make it easier for that last minute morning rush. Not only does it ensure that everything is kept in one place but it also helps to keep your home looking organised and complete with the headless chicken run every morning.

Having this zone for after school is also an incredible idea, including a noticeboard among the design can help your children know what they need to do when they get home. You can also give yourself some peace of mind and enjoy a stress-free back to school routine.

Homework station:

Face it! We all hated homework at some point in our lives but why not make doing homework a little bit more fun with a homework station. Loaded with all the equipment you will need for any project and even a tray of snacks can be such a good incentive to getting the job done. Your homework station can be as adventurous and unique as you like too! A homework station can give your children that extra bit of independence and also leave you without a worry as their homework is all kept in one place. Why not add a tray for pens and pencils, one for paper (plain, lined and math) and one for other bits and bobs in case they have to create a masterpiece for art. Time to get to work!

Stationary pots:

There is nothing more annoying than losing your favourite pen or those needed staples so you can officially complete your work. Don’t throw away those used jars, wash them out and decorate them and use them as stationary pots so you won’t lose those little bits again. Add labels to the jars/pots so you know for sure what’s in the correct jar. It can make your life that little bit easier and that back to school routine as smooth as possible

Hair Hack:
We know the struggles of the morning rush! Where are the kids’ socks, jackets on, hair a mess! Let us help you cut out the middleman with this quick hair hack. Simply gather all the hairbands you own and add them to a key ring that could be kept in your bag or car for those quick hair fixes in the morning rush hour.