Spring cleaning equipment - ready to spring clean

Spring Cleaning: The perfect time for change!

Spring Cleaning - cleaning the carpet and house

The days are starting to get warmer and lighter and brighter. The daffodils are coming into bloom, sending splashes of yellow around the garden. The smell of freshly cut grass is in the air. All of these can only mean that Spring is here. It also means that it’s time to give your home a refreshing spring clean, time to air out and invigorate your rooms after a long and stuffy Winter!

With the Ideal Home Show taking place this month, it’s the perfect time to be inspired by decorations and space saving design, there’s no better time to give your home a clear-out cleanse.

Of course, we all regularly clean our homes, but there's that something special about a spring clean. It's the chance to get to all the nooks and crannies that can often get neglected. With 76% of British homes still carrying on the tradition of a Spring clean every year, it’s almost an annual routine, and contrary to popular belief it can genuinely be rather fun... and a great excuse to buy new furniture!

Not only is this a chance to give your home that annual deep clean that it deserves, but it’s also a good time to have a thorough clear out. You'll be surprised at how much space you can create. It’s a good idea to do this first before cleaning thoroughly so you aren’t wasting time cleaning anything you're not going to keep. Out with the old, in with the new space.

If you're a homeowner then you'll know that over time, bits and bobs have a tendency to continuously build up. We rarely take the time to review how much use that back up coffee table actually gets... reviewing your space and the things that fill it every spring is a great way to stay on top of your clutter.
You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment after completing such a mammoth task, and your home will be fresh, clean and spacious!

detoxing decluttering home storage

4 Top Tips to Detoxing and Decluttering Your Home this New Year

detoxing decluttering home storage

After the busy Christmas period (countdown to do it again in 11 months!) you may feel like you want to detox and declutter after the New Year. After all, "New Year, New You"! You’ve made your resolutions and are determined to stick to them… even your fitness one! Out with the old, in with the new. But before bringing in anything, you should consider detoxing and decluttering your home so it’s organised and ready to bring in the new. Here are some useful tips to consider when organising your home.

Make a Detox List

Making a declutter checklist is a good start to detoxing your home. You can create a list for each area of the home, beginning with the easiest. It's a great way to keep track of what and where you've decluttered, such as drawers, cupboards, or closets. Moreover, this can let you keep track of everything you want to keep or store away. 

One Step at a Time

Think small before thinking big. Try tackling one room at a time instead of doing everything at once. This will get you into the rhythm of setting decluttering goals and checklists when you finish one area of your home then moving onto the next. You can start by dedicating 20-30 minutes to working on a specific area of your home, then move on to another room. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Decluttering may take time, but if you’re consistent with it and set an end date, you should be done quicker than you think! Don’t forget to start with the sock drawer too - that holds the most clutter!

Stop Hoarding!

Get rid of old items from the past year(s) which are taking up space. Hoarding takes up so much space and can be messy. So when you're decluttering and you come across an old unused item, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”, "Is this really relevant to keep?". If it’s of sentimental value then obviously, yes, keep it. However, if it’s just old packaging or utensils that are of no use, then you can get rid of them.

Make Designated Boxes

Having designated boxes is a great way to organise your clutter, and you will know what you need to store away to make room. You can have different boxes for "Keep" or "Maybe" so it'll be easier to know what to store away later. Plus, you can always make use of old gift boxes from the previous Christmas period. Or if you’re feeling creative, get crafty and make your own storage containers! For example, to store little bathroom items or makeup, you can glue little boxes together, decorate them to make them pretty and store your little accessories in them.

If you need somewhere to store all your unused items before deciding what to do with them, contact us for more information on which of our brilliant and accessible storage units. Or if you want an instant quote, why not get an estimate from us? This will send an estimated quote to your inbox for you to keep in your records. Detox and declutter your home for the great new year ahead!

detoxing decluttering home storage

Christmas diy decoration ideas storage

Top 5 Christmas DIY Home Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family! So, what better way to spend it than to decorate your home with these fun and stress-free Christmas crafts. Your children will love decorating your home with these handmade ornaments, which also make beautiful keepsake gifts for loved ones. Here are our top 5 Christmas DIY home decoration ideas to inspire you and your loved ones to create beautiful homely decorations.  

Gingerbread Decorations

There is nothing more delightful than having the sweet spiced smell of gingerbread filling the house to get everyone in the festive mood. These simple decorations can be cut into any Christmas shape of your choice and iced to perfection. If they haven’t been eaten straight from the oven, they can take pride of place on the Christmas tree. These gingerbread biscuits will keep over the festive period to be enjoyed long after the tree has been taken down.


Christmas diy decoration ideas storage

The excitement of waking up on Christmas morning to find an overfilled stocking resonates with every child... or every adult-sized child! The kids will enjoy designing and making their own individual stocking to hang up on Christmas eve. They can be made to any size from a range of materials, with any design your kids will want on them too! Christmas stockings also make a thoughtful gift that friends and family will adore.

Snow Globes

Snow globes capture a festive scene that can be kept and remembered forever. A simple and cost-effective project for children to have fun with and craft whatever they want in them. They’re simple and easy to make. All you need is: an empty jar, water, glitter, glue and whichever figurine you want in your snow globe! Your kids can make as many as they like to add to the festive fun around the house too!

Baubles & Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas centrepiece (besides the turkey at the table) is the tree itself! Why not add a cute personal touch to your Christmas tree by making your own decorations? These can range from making your own baubles with empty plastic baubles from the craft shop to paper ones. Alternatively, if you’re planning on going for a wonderful winter walk, you can pick up some pine cones to add as decorations. Along with some cinnamon sticks to add some spice and tradition or maybe some bow ribbons for a cute and cosy look on your tree - the ideas are endless!

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas diy decoration ideas storageThey can sparkle, jingle or just be plain & pretty - a handmade Christmas wreath can add a jolly touch to your home this festive season. It's easy and fun to make! All you need is a coat hanger or paper plate as the base, and you can add whatever you want on it to create a beautiful bespoke wreath. Old Christmas decorations that don’t make it onto the tree can be used on them. This way, they aren’t taking up space by being locked away this year. They can be personalised to whatever you fancy placing on the door and can be used again for next year. It’s a fun and eco-friendly activity you can do with the kids to add a touch of joy to your home!

To make room for family and friends coming over this holiday period, contact us for more information. You can store your valuables safely at any of our lovely and easy accessible locations. You can also get a quote straight to your inbox to save you time this busy holiday period. Make room for what really matters this Christmas.

christmas storage

Cosy Christmas Storage & Beyond!

Merry Christmas from our family at Beyond! Every year we are so pleased to see our community on site and on social media growing, and if we could, we would send Christmas cards to every single one of you. But we know that for some of you, another Christmas card on the shelf is the last thing you want amongst the Christmas decorations, the family photos and hidden presents!

In fact, Christmas is definitely a common time of year for feeling like you have too many things and feel like your home needs a good decluttering. If that sounds familiar, then why not take a few of the following steps in order to freshen up your home this festive season:

Decorative presents that can be used as storage boxes too!

That way you can hide away any of your normal bits and bobs to make way for those all important Christmas lights, holly leaves and tinsel tassels. Plus you can hide the odd real present in between them in plain site!

christmas storageCreate bunting from your cards

That way, your window sills, fireplaces and shelves can stay clear. Plus your Christmas cards won't be falling over all over the place! You can hang them up wherever you'd like and they'll be easy to fold away without getting lost whilst on the string!

christmas storage

Decide to group your knick knacks into colours

So rather than getting all of them out every year, you can choose a different colour depending on you’re holiday mood. Grouping them in to the classic Christmas colours of red, green and gold is always a good start... unless you’re like us and love a good orange Christmas (perfect for the AW17 copper interior look)!

christmas storageIf those options just aren’t enough for the abundance of presents you need to hide and for cutting clutter, then you can always make use of our highly secure and affordable self storage units!

All of our storage units offer:

  • 24/7 security including CCTV
  • Fingerprint access
  • Insulated and dehumidified units

As a Christmas, we're offering 1 month's free storage and insurance! So don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this Christmas a memorable one. Contact us for more information, or get a quote straight to your inbox. Make room for the things that really matter this festive season.

storage hacks tiny kitchen

5 Storage Hacks for a Tiny Kitchen

Lack of space can be so frustrating especially if you’re not sure how to utilise the space available in the room. Have you ever said to yourself “where am I going to put it” when a new product is advertised that would save time and hassle in the kitchen? Well there’s no need to worry as we’ve come up with 5 brilliant storage hacks that can transform your life if you have a small kitchen.

1. Under the sink space:

Sometimes there is just no more room for all those bottles of cleaning products, but they are all needed, right? Why not utilise the space under your sink more by simply putting up a tension rod. Let the bottles hang up high as you have made more room for other products below.

Storage hacks for a tiny kitchen

Image: Apartment therapy

2. Cupboards and walls:

Make use of the cupboard or wall space you have available and hang up your mugs on these space-saving and trendy hooks. Its quick, easy and isn't time-consuming and saves a great deal of space too.

3. Inner cupboard door:

All those little bottles of seasonings and spices can really take up a lot of room in a fairly big cupboard that can be used for other things. How about making the best of both worlds by attaching storage holders on the inside door for those little bottles of spice. Now the whole cupboard is being used to the full.

Image: Woohome

4. Easy chopping:

Wouldn’t you agree that sometimes there is literally no more space to put your chopping board to get dinner ready? How about installing a chopping board just under the counter top so it can be easily pulled out when it’s needed. Not only does it provide more room for you to cook but also it saves lots of space in cupboards where the chopping board would usually go!

5. Hanging Utensils:

Serving spoon, wooden spoon, spatula, whisk just a few of the larger utensils that are essential in the kitchen, yet they are the hardest to store. Make life in the kitchen that little bit easier by hanging them from their own hooks underneath a cupboard space. Now they are easily accessible, you have more drawer space and it looks unique.

weird wonderful renovations storage

Weird and Wonderful Renovations Around the World

So many people, all over the world, need storage facilities for a multitude of reasons; if you’re having a baby and need to move into a bigger place, you’re retiring and want to move to the south of France for 6 months of the year, or if you’re renovating!

Renovating is one of the most common reasons that people seek alternative storage solutions. Which got us thinking about the weirdest and most wonderful renovations around the world and, who knows, might provide you with some inspiration! Here are a few we’ve found:

1. Farm House Turned Rainbow

Artist, Kat O'Sullivan bought a neglected farmhouse, located in the middle of the woods in high Falls, new York, in 2009. She saw it as a blank canvas and, after some hard work and a lot of artistic license, transformed the old building into a magical, psychedelic haven.



Image: dailymail

2. Storage Container Homes

Usually, these types of houses are built as a money saving alternative to buying a ready made home of brick and mortar. We know the amount of space and storage available in these containers, so it’s no wonder architects have taken it upon themselves to make them into homes!


Image: sebastianirarrazaval

3. Treehouse Community of Costa Rica

The eco-friendly treehouse community, Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica was built to bring together like-minded individuals whilst promoting the conservation of species and natural life in the rainforest. Residents and guests are invited to explore the rainforest in from the unique perspective of the treetops.


Image: andersbirch

4. Flintstones House

Television legend, Dick Clark, famously lived in a Flintstones-inspired home in Malibu. The house was built to replicate the one in the Flintstones cartoon. Worth 3.5million US dollars, this really is one of the more weird and wonderful renovations around!

weird houses

Image: boredpanda

decluttering home storage stairs

6 Timely Tips for Decluttering your Home

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to declutter. It’s no secret that people accumulate a lot of belongings when they’ve stayed in one place for a long time, and finding the time and energy to sort through it all is daunting to say the least. Luckily, when the situation arises, either having to move or downsize, motivation finds a way to kick in.

However, what many people struggle with, is how to effectively declutter their homes, and minimize the amount of time and effort in the process. We’ve put together a list of 6 effective top tips to declutter your home so that when the time comes to pack up, you’re all set:


The first process of decluttering your house it to prioritise. Which room needs the most attention? Which room will cause the least disruption to your day to day life if things are moved about? These are the questions to ask yourself before tackling the seemingly daunting task ahead of you. Once you’ve selected a room, prioritise a section of the room that you will sort out first. This way you can systematically make your way through your clutter without taking on too much.

Baby steps:

Don’t try and get everything done in one day! Baby steps are key to decluttering your home. Take half an hour each day to go through your belongings bit by bit, choosing something to throw away or to donate each day. This might seem like a long process but, as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Ask for help:

Remember, you don’t have to tackle this mammoth task by yourself. Ask for help from friends or family. Having loved ones around will help remove the stress of not only having to get rid of some of your possessions, but also the whole process of moving house! Having an outside opinion will also help remove a certain amount of sentimentality from items you no longer need and help you focus on the task ahead.

Make lists:

Lists can be a helpful way of staying on task and creating structure to your day. Make a list of what you want to achieve each day, whether that’s donating items of clothing or sorting through kitchen cabinets. This will allow you to track your progress and show you what needs to be done next.

Designated Boxes:

Designated boxes can be a great way to kick start the moving process. Prepare three boxes to fill as you’re going through your things: one box for ‘Keep’, one for ‘Maybe’ and one for ‘Discard’. Anything you want to keep can be packed away as you go, ready for storage or the moving vans. Anything you want to throw away or donate, will be handily stored and ready for the skip or charity shop. You will probably find that the ‘Maybe’ box will accumulate the most belongings. This will be a handy time to bring in friends and family to help choose what you really do want to keep, and what’s better to be thrown away. Remember: you don’t want to clutter up your new home!

Set yourself an end date:

Setting yourself a goal will be integral to keeping on track. This could be the day the moving van comes, the day you move your things into storage or a certain time frame, such as two weeks. Whenever your end goal is, just make sure that you work towards it realistically, ticking off your to-do list as you go.

We understand that moving home can be very stressful and we hope to minimise this as much as possible. When the time comes to move home, we hope these tips will have you packed, ready and clutter free!

room design inspiration bathroom

Room Design Inspiration: 6 Small Spaces that Function Well (And Look Good, Too!)

Small homes often come with a reputation - that they’ll be cramped, messy and impossible to organise - but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 6 small spaces that prove once and for all that a small home can incorporate just as much as a larger home!


Image: BarkerFreeman

1. Multifunctional Bed/Desk Setup

If limited floor space is an issue in your home, then there’s only one way to build: up! Raised or ‘floating’ beds are a hot topic in the interior design world right now, as more and more of us realise the value of maximising our space. This multifunctional bed/desk setup is ideal for children and teenagers who need a homework corner, or for kids who want a cosy reading nook.


Image: TorieJayne

2. Bright Colours to Open up the Kitchen

Design your kitchen with cute pastels and baby blues - not only does it look good, but the light, bright colours will help to ‘open’ your small kitchen up, making it look and feel more airy and spacious. A splash of colour in the kitchen is right on trend, and these pastels are an excellent alternative to the dark wood finishes and aubergine doors we’re always seeing.


Image: ArdesiaDesign

3. Embrace Different Textures

If you think your bathroom is too cramped to introduce a range of different textures into the design, you’re wrong. In fact, textures such as wallpaper, tile, brick-effect accents, and shaker style cabinets and furniture are some of the best interior ideas for smaller spaces. Why? Coupling textures together gives a roomier feel and creates a neat, tidy, organised look.


Images left to right: MastandCo, String

4. Home Office / Library

For small homes, staying organised is key, and that means finding a space for everything, including books, DVDs, papers, stationery and so on. That place could be a small yet functional home office/library nestled into a small nook or corner of your home. The trick is to build upwards, not outwards, and make use of minimalist storage, such as floating bookshelves.


Image: offbeatandinspired

5. Cafe-Style Breakfast Bench

The traditional dining table is a concept that’s become a little dated in the interior design world, especially for those living in smaller spaces or in trendy city centre apartments. No longer do we need a dedicated dining room, as this cafe-style breakfast bench demonstrates. It’s an excellent way to make use of what is often ‘dead’ space. Who doesn’t love coffee with a view?


Images left to right:happyinteriorblog, Ikea

6. Built-in Hallway Storage

The hallway is often the first part of the house we see when arriving home, and arriving home to a mess of shoes, coats, and keys on the floor isn’t what we want. Small hallways feel cramped very quickly - especially with big winter coats around - but built-in storage could be the answer. Even small hallways can work well, and look great, with the right storage for the problem.

stylish storage mirror

Stylish Storage Furniture to Try in 2016

We’ve recently been introduced to the term ‘rabbit hutch home’, with media sources reporting that around 50 percent of new build homes are too small for the average family. However, there are many advantages to owning a small home, including less maintenance and a lower cost - but there’s also a bit of a downside, too: storage. The good news is that staying tidy and organised in a small home isn’t difficult - you just need to get a little creative and think outside the box. Here are 5 multifunctional furniture items that perfectly blend style and storage for a stunning home, whatever the size:

Storage Ottomans

An ottoman is the centrepiece of any room - a comfortable little footrest or bench that’s both eye catching and useful - but they’re much more than somewhere to simply rest your feet. In recent years, ottomans have been made with hinged lids, making use of the dead space inside and creating handy storage for all sorts of small items. The beauty of ottomans is that there’s no specific style or pattern, which makes them suitable for many different homes. Wooden ottomans are popular although upholstered and diamond tufted ottomans are more common.


Image Credit: GreatDealFurniture

Coffee Table

Coffee tables have long held two very important functions; to hold drinks and snacks on the top, and to store magazines and ‘coffee table’ publications underneath. Today, however, they perform many, many more functions. Built-in drawers, or integrated cubbies with removeable baskets create out-of-the-way storage for small, fiddly items that tend to get lost, such as remote controls, for example, and some coffee tables even include pre-defined compartments for easy organisation. Like ottomans, they come in all styles and designs for different homes.

 storage-furniture-coffee -table

Image Credit: Studio Morton

Vintage Suitcase

Take a trip back to the late 1800’s - a time when a trip to the seaside was the ‘must take’ holiday of the year - with a vintage suitcase that brings a touch of British history into your home, and also doubles as some excellent storage furniture. Distressed suitcases are ideal for traditional or historic homes, or for homeowners who love to travel and want to share their passion with their guests. Vintage items such as this can easily be incorporated into the home without looking out of place by using them as an end table, or even making them into storage shelves on the wall.


Image Credit: DaynaKatlinInteriors

Storage Sofas

For homeowners who love contemporary design and are striving to maintain a minimalist look, creating suitable storage can be quite the challenge. That’s why incorporating storage into items that would already be on display in the home is a great solution - it saves having to add more furniture to the house. Storage sofas are well worth considering. Storage is usually built in underneath the cushions, or into the headrest, and there are even sofas that come fully integrated into a bookcase unit for the ultimate in modern, futuristic and unusual style.


Image Credit: Willow and Hall

Vertical Storage

Running out of floor space? Why not make use of all that dead space on your walls with some stylish vertical storage that adds a new depth to your home, and to your overall design. Shelves built around doorways are the perfect place to display ornaments and other forms of home decoration, while floor-to-ceiling shelving can be used for anything and everything. We’ve already seen wall storage becoming more popular in the kitchen with magnetic knife racks and so on, so why not in other parts of the home, too? This is great for small homes especially.


Image Credit: Wanda Ely

new year refresh declutter flower

New Year, New Home: How to Refresh and Declutter!

January - after the chaos of the festive season - is the ideal time to give your home a bit of a refresh. However, after buying all those gifts and decorations, many of us find ourselves needing to go a little easy with the spending during the new year. No problem! Refreshing your home doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, by simply getting creative with what you already have, it’s easy to give your home a fresh, new look on a budget. Here’s some cost effective ways to enjoy a new year, and a ‘new’ home!


Giving your home a refreshing new year makeover doesn’t have to mean throwing out your existing stuff and buying a whole new set of furnishings. It can be as easy as simply changing a few things round, or undertaking some quick, low cost decorating tasks to transform the look and feel of a room:

Before Image: Advicefromatwentysomething


After Image: Advicefromatwentysomething

● Rearrange your furniture to create more space and give a fresh visual layout
● Bring freshness to your home with some new low maintenance house plants
● Spruce up your shelving with modern vertical storage that really transforms your home
● A fresh lick of paint can really change the overall look and feel of a room
● Add a few bright, colourful rugs to your floors for a bit of a difference


If your home is looking a bit dull and tired, it may not be the decor that’s the problem - it may be the clutter! Clutter can affect the feel of a home, particularly if the clutter is taking up space on your floor and worktops and making you feel a bit ‘closed in’. January is a great time to get yourself organised:

● Upcycle all those empty jars from Christmas by turning them into storage jars
● Get rid of anything you don’t use or don’t need. Charity shops always need new items
● Buy less - the less you buy, the less you need to store! Don’t go crazy when shopping
● Find clever storage solutions that make use of unused space, like the backs of doors
● Spend 15 minutes per day on maintenance - don’t allow your home to become cluttered again!

As many of us know, there’s nothing quite as motivating as a fresh style - a new haircut or a new outfit, for example - and it’s the same when it comes to house styles too! Giving your home a bit of a refresh after Christmas is a great way to motivate you to stick to your new year’s resolutions. And the good news is that refreshing your home doesn’t have to break the bank - it’s not about buying new things, it’s about working with what you have to create a brand new, exciting style that you simply love!