As many parents know, part of the territory of having children is a huge influx of toys, every changing clothes, and mountains of “things”!

Here are some space saving and grey hair avoiding tips to help create as much space in a children’s room as possible.

Hanging Shoe Rack

The hanging shoe rack is a great way to store your shoes but an even greater way to organize and tidy up your kids toys off the floor! Easy to install, maintain and manage. This is a cost effective way to keep your rooms neat and tidy.

Magnetic Knife Strip

Your feet will thank us for this one, don’t worry about standing on toy cars again. Just glue or screw a magnetic knife strip on the wall and stick the tin cars on the wall. This keeps them off the floor and neatly stored on the wall for your kids to use when they like.

Make use of the empty space under the bed

Don’t let the empty space underneath the bed go to waste. Use sizeable baskets to store items in and just slide the baskets under the bed when your kids are done playing.

BS image 2

Opt for shelving hooks

Shelving hooks offer great multi-purpose use. You can store all your kids clothing, hang baskets from to store toys and even use it as a place to hang your child’s dirty laundry.

BS image 3

Glass Jars to sort the small things

Invest in small storage jars for smaller paraphernalia like pencils and rubbers, so they don’t get lost among their toys.

Multi-purpose Cupboards

When buying a cupboard make sure it has hanging space, shelving and and drawers. That way you won’t need to have 3 separate items of furniture which is a major plus for space saving.

BS image 4