Small homes often come with a reputation – that they’ll be cramped, messy and impossible to organise – but nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 6 small spaces that prove once and for all that a small home can incorporate just as much as a larger home!


Image: BarkerFreeman

1. Multifunctional Bed/Desk Setup

If limited floor space is an issue in your home, then there’s only one way to build: up! Raised or ‘floating’ beds are a hot topic in the interior design world right now, as more and more of us realise the value of maximising our space. This multifunctional bed/desk setup is ideal for children and teenagers who need a homework corner, or for kids who want a cosy reading nook.


Image: TorieJayne

2. Bright Colours to Open up the Kitchen

Design your kitchen with cute pastels and baby blues – not only does it look good, but the light, bright colours will help to ‘open’ your small kitchen up, making it look and feel more airy and spacious. A splash of colour in the kitchen is right on trend, and these pastels are an excellent alternative to the dark wood finishes and aubergine doors we’re always seeing.


Image: ArdesiaDesign

3. Embrace Different Textures

If you think your bathroom is too cramped to introduce a range of different textures into the design, you’re wrong. In fact, textures such as wallpaper, tile, brick-effect accents, and shaker style cabinets and furniture are some of the best interior ideas for smaller spaces. Why? Coupling textures together gives a roomier feel and creates a neat, tidy, organised look.


Images left to right: MastandCo, String

4. Home Office / Library

For small homes, staying organised is key, and that means finding a space for everything, including books, DVDs, papers, stationery and so on. That place could be a small yet functional home office/library nestled into a small nook or corner of your home. The trick is to build upwards, not outwards, and make use of minimalist storage, such as floating bookshelves.


Image: offbeatandinspired

5. Cafe-Style Breakfast Bench

The traditional dining table is a concept that’s become a little dated in the interior design world, especially for those living in smaller spaces or in trendy city centre apartments. No longer do we need a dedicated dining room, as this cafe-style breakfast bench demonstrates. It’s an excellent way to make use of what is often ‘dead’ space. Who doesn’t love coffee with a view?


Images left to right:happyinteriorblog, Ikea

6. Built-in Hallway Storage

The hallway is often the first part of the house we see when arriving home, and arriving home to a mess of shoes, coats, and keys on the floor isn’t what we want. Small hallways feel cramped very quickly – especially with big winter coats around – but built-in storage could be the answer. Even small hallways can work well, and look great, with the right storage for the problem.