We at Beyond Storage are proud to announce that we’re in partnership with the Royal British Legion. We are so proud and honoured to be collaborating with the Royal British Legion and honouring what they stand for.

Who are the Royal British Legion?

The Royal British Legion supports ex-servicemen and women and their families when they return home from serving in the armed forces, Many of these brave men and women are unsung heroes. The organisation was founded after the First World War to help those ex-servicemen who could not support their families after suffering terrible injuries from the war. They welcome all men and women, whether they’ve served in the Armed Forces or not, to continue their legacy 100 years on.

Why are we sponsoring the Royal British Legion?

The Royal British Legion symbolises coming home, and at Beyond Storage we know there’s no place like home. Our sponsorship is helping the organisation support these deserving families and individuals.

We support and celebrate the Royal British Legion’s centenary of service, as well as all the brave ex-servicemen and women coming home after being away for so long. We have tremendous respect for what they’ve done for us all. As a symbol of this, we have two Silent Soldiers


placed at our Hereford and Ross-on-Wye sites. Along with the Poppy Appeal, they are a symbol to remember the fallen and to support the future of those still living. We are proud to sponsor the Royal British Legion to commemorate their services by supporting them and their families.