We’ve all heard of ‘man caves’ – places where men can play video games, watch films, and drink beer with friends without the floral smells of air fresheners wafting through – but what about ‘she-sheds’? She-sheds are a hot new trend that’s sweeping the nation, offering women a chilled out, relaxing environment away from the kids to work, write, craft, or simply relax with a glass of wine.

Transforming the Traditional

Traditionally, garden sheds were seen as a man’s domain. In fact, 7 percent of men admit to popping into the shed as the first thing they do when they get home from a long day at work – before they’ve even said hello to the wife! Whether it’s used to store tools, used as a workshop, or as a place to escape family arguments (1 in 5 men hide out in the shed to avoid a row, according to news sources!), sheds are traditionally associated with men and male-oriented activities.

However, all that is about to change as more and more women start to seek out quiet havens away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Taking a slightly different approach to men, we’re beginning to see women form their own she-sheds, decorating with hanging window boxes, Moroccan rugs, and even chandeliers, silky throws, and velvet curtains!

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How to Create the Perfect She-Shed

No two she-sheds are alike – each is designed to provide the ideal environment for every woman wanting her own serene garden haven. However, there are a few features that every she-shed should include to really make the most of the space:

Work  Zone
If you plan to use your she-shed as a second office, it’s important to set up a work zone that makes it easy and enjoyable to get your tasks done. Consider adding a work lamp, a table large enough for a laptop, and keeping extension cables handy for any other devices you may need to use, like a printer.

Clever Storage
No matter how you want to use your she-shed, clever shed storage is essential. Sheds tend to become cramped and cluttered easily, so a few stackable, weather-proof plastic boxes (just incase!) can make a big difference and are ideal for storing crafting supplies such as wool and crochet hooks.

Indoor & Outdoor Decoration
Why not introduce a bit of your own personality into your she-shed and really make it your own? Both the indoor and outdoor areas can be decorated however you like. Try giving a lick of paint to the outside and adding some window boxes, and bringing in some soft furnishings for the inside.