Here at Beyond Storage we always love to go the extra mile for our community and to help out in whatever way possible to make lives better for all. Hence, we are proud to say we are now sponsoring St Michael’s Hospice which aids people that are affected by terminal illness to live their life to the fullest.

Who are St Michael’s Hospice?

St Michael’s Hospice is an independent charity that is completely free of charge for you and your family. They provide care free of charge to patients, families and their carers too. With St Michaels’ everything is only made possible by the supporters voluntary charitable donations, fundraising events they hold, shopping at their retail outlets and leaving gifts in their wills. Their vision is that every single person in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas that need palliative care has access to it in a timely manner that suits them.

The mission is to make sure end of life and palliative care is available to all who can benefit from it no matter their age, gender, social status, location or illness diagnosis. They can only do this by bringing all the amazing work that is already being carried out by communities at the hospital, and in the hospice to ensure there is a range of services suitable for the variety of needs the patients and families have. The care and compassion that St Michael’s Hospice shows is remarkable even working with others to help people, their carers and families to feel comfortable with support towards the end of their life.

How we show our support?

All of this work cannot be done on their own, so they work with communities, groups and organisations to help people understand the importance of having good palliative care. Getting involved in events that can encourage communities to support the charitable cause is one of their greatest strengths. Hence, we at Beyond Storage are supporting them on their Canwood Art Exhibition event in September, helping to raise them money to support a very good cause. As part of h.Art week, Canwood will showcase art from internationally-acclaimed artists who will display their work during an 8 day exhibition in Herefordshire’s Canwood gallery. Any sales made on each item of art is kindly being donated to St Michael’s Hospice.