Have you ever given into temptation and snapped up the latest kitchen gadget on a whim? You’re not alone! We’re a nation that can’t resist clever gizmos, but according to media sources, 10 percent of kitchen gadgets are never used. Instead, they’re just taking up valuable space in the kitchen! Toasted sandwich makers, blenders, juicers, and bread makers are some of the worst offenders, with less than 30 percent of owners making regular use of these appliances.

Of course, there are some kitchen gadgets that we simply can’t do without. How would you get out of bed without your beloved coffee maker? There are some kitchen gizmos that deserve their place in the kitchen – nearly half of us use a slow cooker on a regular basis, for example and, shockingly, popcorn makers are hugely popular! There are some kitchen gadgets that really can make life easier, so streamlining your kitchen is all about maximising your space to better accommodate your favourite appliances.

How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space

It might sound like an old cliche, but the kitchen really is the heart of the home – it’s where you cook, where you socialise, where you unwind – and a cluttered kitchen can make things seem a little chaotic. So what are the best ways to streamline your kitchen to make the most of your space?

Purge Your Kitchen
Keeping unused gadgets in the kitchen is just making your space feel cramped. If it’s broken, doesn’t work well, or if it’s not used, it shouldn’t be in the kitchen. If you really can’t bring yourself to throw it out or give it away, consider keeping it in the loft, garage, or in storage.

Modern kitchen interior and furnitures

All-in-One Kitchen Gadgets

Why have 5 gadgets when you can have one super gadget? Gizmos like stand mixers come with all sorts of accessories that make it easy to whisk, knead and mix using the same appliance. All-in-one gadgets can really save space in the kitchen, and help create a more streamlined look.

Give ‘Floaters’ a Place
‘Floaters’ are those little fiddly kitchen items that get moved about as you try to find what you’re really looking for. Tupperware lids are classic floaters – find them a permanent place where they’re out of the way but still accessible and your kitchen will seem much more organised.

Many of us want our kitchens to be spacious, welcoming, accommodating and, above all, usable, but by keeping old, unused appliances and gadgets around we’re creating a cluttered, disorganised, frustrating space. Streamlining your kitchen is the key to making the most of your space.