Moving house can often be a very costly decision, both in terms of money and stress. However, for most, the prospect of moving house is an exciting one made necessary by a change in circumstance; whether that’s a new addition to the family, moving away from home for the first time or relocation. Although the prospect is daunting, moving house doesn’t always have to be a great expenditure. As storage experts, we’ve put together some top tips to help you move home with minimal stress and without damaging your bank account:

1. Move during low season

You can ensure some great savings if you plan your move during low-season. Most families with young children tend to move during the summer months, when the pressures of school and work are over. However, this usually results in higher rates for moving vans and storage facilities. So beat the crowds, and the prices and plan your move away from those summer months.

2. Book moving companies in advance

You’ll find that moving companies get booked up pretty quickly and the later you leave it, the more expensive the rates will become. Book in advance to avoid the price inflation later!

3. Pack up your house yourself

If you’re looking to cut costs then this is one of the best ways. Although packing up the house yourself might take up a lot of your time and energy, it will end up saving you a lot more in terms of money. Start packing one room at a time and you’ll find you’re ready to move out before you know it.

4. Source cardboard boxes yourself

Recycling is one of the best ways to save some money. Start saving boxes from deliveries, shops and work as soon as you know that a move is imminent, and you’ll find you’ve no need to purchase new boxes.

5. Sell unwanted furniture

You’ve all heard of a yard sale, so why not put that time-old tradition to use? The internet definitely makes selling furniture a very easy task, just figure out which items still work but hold no use for your personally, and start selling!

6. Sell your old clothes

This flows neatly onto to tip number three. To make some extra change, you could always route through your cupboards to find the clothes that you no longer need and put them up on eBay. This might not provide you with enough money to fund the move, but it’s a nice way keeping on top of your financial situation, whilst decluttering in the process!