So many people, all over the world, need storage facilities for a multitude of reasons; if you’re having a baby and need to move into a bigger place, you’re retiring and want to move to the south of France for 6 months of the year, or if you’re renovating!

Renovating is one of the most common reasons that people seek alternative storage solutions. Which got us thinking about the weirdest and most wonderful renovations around the world and, who knows, might provide you with some inspiration! Here are a few we’ve found:

1. Farm House Turned Rainbow

Artist, Kat O’Sullivan bought a neglected farmhouse, located in the middle of the woods in high Falls, new York, in 2009. She saw it as a blank canvas and, after some hard work and a lot of artistic license, transformed the old building into a magical, psychedelic haven.



Image: dailymail

2. Storage Container Homes

Usually, these types of houses are built as a money saving alternative to buying a ready made home of brick and mortar. We know the amount of space and storage available in these containers, so it’s no wonder architects have taken it upon themselves to make them into homes!


Image: sebastianirarrazaval

3. Treehouse Community of Costa Rica

The eco-friendly treehouse community, Finca Bellavista in Costa Rica was built to bring together like-minded individuals whilst promoting the conservation of species and natural life in the rainforest. Residents and guests are invited to explore the rainforest in from the unique perspective of the treetops.


Image: andersbirch

4. Flintstones House

Television legend, Dick Clark, famously lived in a Flintstones-inspired home in Malibu. The house was built to replicate the one in the Flintstones cartoon. Worth 3.5million US dollars, this really is one of the more weird and wonderful renovations around!

weird houses

Image: boredpanda