The End of The Line for England’s World Cup Shot!

The game that everyone had been waiting for and the moment in the spotlight England had needed has come to a very sad end. It’s been a good run for England with lifted spirits for weeks but, the teams time in the World Cup is now over. After a phenomenal start with Trippier scoring a goal in the first 5 minutes, England fans were screaming to the rooftops of nearly every house and pub in the UK. But the hype didn’t last very long, by extra time Croatia moreless had the win in the bag and then Mario Mandzukic cut England off with his strike in extra time .

Although they didn’t get to bag the World Cup trophy, England has played so well this year they are to be commended for their team work, dedication and persistence in all of their games. Let’s not drown ourselves in sorrow but rather remember all the joyous occasions that England has had and they still have a shot at beating Belgium for third place in this years World Cup.

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