Win Up To £1000 In The World’s Biggest Art and Design Competition

The World’s Biggest Art and Design Competition Is Here!

Would you like to win £1000 this summer?

Calling all Pinterest-Queens! We are on the search for the best interior designers, future Picassos, make-shift mammas and arty farty fathers.

The World’s Biggest Art and Design Competition is here! In celebration of the summer to September season, where everyone likes to get stuck in with home renovations, interior inspiration and summer holiday arts and crafts, we thought that we would get involved by celebrating the amazing creativity people are capable of!

If it wasn’t for art, Beyond Storage wouldn’t have a reason to exist, art is the love that brings us weddings, moving home, having babies, growing up and growing old, and it’s for those milestones that we exist!

Enter our Art and Design Competition: #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs

Our Art and Design photo competition will run from July 2018 until midnight on the 31st December 2018.

We’re looking for photos of your interior designs, arts and crafts; Please remember to accompany your photo with a brief description of how you designed or created the art in shot.

Please submit your photos to:

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*Please don’t forget to include your name and where the photo was taken- get in touch for more information.

Our Art and Design Photo Competition will close at midnight on 31st December 2018. The competition will be judged by our Beyond Storage team of home experts and we will announce the competition winners in the New Year.

Competition Winner 2017: Julie Curtin

Paper Flowers

“being stuck indoors isn’t always such a bad thing! Last week Sarah was making a ‘fortune teller’ with her son. Much scrolling and sharing later & I remembered a book my daughter had a while back! Anyway…out came the paper. I thought these were a little like daffodils and thought I’d give it a go, seeing as the snow has covered my emerging blooms in powdery drifts! Really need very fine paper for this but I’m hooked! Now… what to do with a couple of paper flowers?”





Things we love:

Living on the wild side

We love Kirsty Baird’s (@the_fashionharlot) funky outside home – the colours make for a truly popping party space, that you’ll either love or hate.













Mental Health Doodles

We stumbled across these cute doodles by Good Grief@goodgrief_UK, which make mental health topics accessible, funny, and a bit more fun!
















DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art

Mr Kate created this beautiful, large piece of shining, sophisticated wall art, on a feasible budget!

Beautiful gray and silver wall art — no paintbrushes needed!! Bring some steely sophistication into your home with this glamorous, yet easy DIY!