Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, Boxing Day. What do they all have in common? They are big sale days! The days were your purchasing habits seem to run wild and when you see anything on offer you simply must have it. The reality is, you probably don’t even need it or wouldn’t even consider using it. This then leads to unnecessary clutter and clutter leads to stress. But wait! We want you to live stress-free which is why we have outlined some of those winter purchasing habits that can lead to clutter. We know some of the top purchases made in these winter months and we aim to share our findings with you so you don’t get sucked into the stress machine!

Winter Purchases:

Buying goods in winter is not always a good idea, it is usually too cold to go out or do anything at all which then leaves your home full of clutter that you don’t need. What are some of the common purchases made in winter?


50”, 60” or even 65” one of the most common winter purchases has to be a new TV. You see the tv ads and you’re aware of the big sale days so you must have it, right? Wrong? If you already have a working TV that has everything you already need then save yourself the stress of clutter and don’t fuss over getting another one.

Coffee Machines:

A somewhat ultimate must have at this time of year is a coffee machine. One of the technologically advanced dolce gusto coffee machines or even better. But before you make that purchase, stop and think. Will I really use it more than twice a week? If you are likely to answer a solid no, then you really don’t need it. Enjoy more time with your family and friends when you just put the kettle on.

Garden tools and equipment:

When in winter, buy for summer! Some of the best times in the year to purchase garden gear is best purchased in the winter months because its more cost effective and you can get some of those new technology advanced power lawn mowers, strimmers and all those other cool tools. Be frivolous about your garden purchases and make sure they can fit in the shed/garage first before splashing the cash. Having a cluttered house and garden shed is not one of the most ideal ways to start off the new year.

Winter Purchases


Over the holiday period and the Christmas celebrations too, we all tend to wear and buy more clothes because we want to wrap up warm. Sweaters, joggers, thermals, onesies and more, your pile of winter clothes can seem to just grow so much that it begins to pour out of the wardrobe. That’s when you know enough is enough! Although the holiday and festive deals may seem tempting it is best to resist the need to purchase too many winter clothes because before you know it, it will be summer again. Try a cycle of clothing, out with the old/unused/damaged and in with the new.

Seasonal decor:

With this time of year being a month of festive activities including Halloween, Bonfire night, Diwali (for some), Christmas and New Year. The abundance of seasonal decor can be overwhelming! Each year there is something new that is bigger and better to spruce up your home and get you in the holiday spirit. Just think of the mess and the number of boxes all of that decor will accumulate once the new year is in full swing. Stay stress-free with simple decorations, but if you can’t resist that giant inflatable father Christmas then you can be sure to store it at one of our storage sites for another year.