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How big is your Small Container?

Although we call it our small container, in reality, it’s anything but. At a convenient 10ft long, and 8ft high and wide, the 500 cubic feet (80 square feet) could house 2 transit vans, or a 1 bedroom house!

Or, if you are looking for another example, you can store between 50 and 100 18” boxes – depending on how well you pack of course!


Try our new online estimator

At Beyond Storage we are always working on ways to improve the experience for our customers. With our new online estimator, simply answer a couple of questions about your storage requirements and we’ll give you a price straight away!


Request a quote

Fill in your details and let us do the work! Based on your requirements we’ll send you a quote directly to your inbox. If you would prefer to talk to us directly, please don’t hesitate to call or talk to Lindsey via live chat!