Top tips for storing summer clothes

Shorter days, and longer nights, and air so cool that you can see your morning breath in the dark morn when you leave for work. Winter is definitely here, which means it’s time for woolly hats, big knits and teddy coats. So you may be looking for easier ways of storing summer clothes.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe the size of a box room, so we have got a few storage ideas for you, for how to squeeze away those summer clothes, so you can let you Winter wardrobe take precedence.

Luckily storing your summer wardrobe is a little easier than storing your winter clothes, because most of our summer items are often smaller, lighter and therefore easier to store away!

Here are some tips for before you start storing summer clothes:

Before you begin you’ll need to find out just how much summer stuff you have to store, so get all of your summer clothes out of the drawers and place them all on your bed so you can organise this summer storing strategy in the most organised fashion.

This is a super time to get rid of clothes you no longer needed, perhaps this is the third summer in a row when you just didn’t wear that denim midi skirt if so, it’s time to part with that pretty little thing! A great way to begin is to have ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘bin’ boxes so you can work your way through your clothes. (Notice we didn’t give you a ‘maybe’ box? That’s so that you can be ruthless!)

Wash your summer items before putting them away in storage. You don’t want to get them out next summer to find them smelly, soiled or damaged.

Get supplies in – you’ll need hangers, clothing storage bags, and a clothing storage box (a suitcase will do too!) to store away your summer clothes. These items will help to keep your clothes fresh, free from damage and out of reach from those pesky insects that tend to nibble on our most precious items. Pop some labels on each of your boxes too, to make sure you know which summer items are in which box
Roll as many items as you can, rather than fold. This will help them to remain crease free!

Now for the fun part, here are the wonderful storage ideas we’ve found for you that could work perfectly for your summer clothes storage:

Window seat storage – out of sight out of mind, but since the weather can be VERY unpredictable, it’s always good to have some items that are easily accessible.

Make use of unused space in between your floorboards! It sounds crazy, but it’s a truly innovative way to get the most space out of your home dwell.

Staircase to summer – that’s right, develop a nifty storage solution under the stairs, to hide away your favourite summer sandals until the next glimmer of sunshine is here.

If you don’t have anywhere to develop a summer storage system, remember that all of our storage containers are ventilated, insulated, and very secure so you can rely on us to look after your summer clothes this winter.