Our ‘Beyond You Comfort Zone’ Competition is still running! Here are some of the entries so far. And remember, if you have a resolution or a personal goal, let us know about it on social media and you might be in for the chance to win Β£100-Β£1000 to help make your goal come true!

Beyond Your Comfort Zone Entries


My new year’s resolution is to become the healthiest version of myself i can be to transform myself into a beautiful bride that i know i am on the inside. #beyond2017







My goal this year is to enlighten start-up entrepreneurs on a platform where they can get funds to start up their businesses. Just by introducing it to other start-up businesses like them.







Thank you for the invite to share, @beyondyourcomfortzone! After 15 years together, 7 of them married, my husband and I have decided to separate for a year. We love each other tremendously and are great friends but we have been struggling for many years with how to make our larger life goals mesh together. We’ve decided to take some time apart to focus on ourselves to try to gain some insight and clarity. I’m in the process of moving back home to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to my friends and family for support during this rollercoaster ride of emotions, growing pains, and new beginnings. I’m very much looking forward to quiet time and reflection, connecting with my loved ones, finding a great job and continuing my education in nursing. I’m honestly trying to keep my goals light this year as transformation is such hard work, but one goal I’m working towards is renting my own space for the first time in 15 years! Wish me luck in finding the perfect sanctuary to nest and heal in with my animals!


I have always been a lover of Fairy Tales. Brothers Grimm. Hans Christian Andersen etc. Their Stories are still being told and are still loved today. My New Year’s Resolution is to this year write a new Fairy Story that will go into print, be a best seller and put the name of Paul Tate in the Fairy Tale History Books. Xxx