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We are calling out to all our Pinterest Kings and Queens! We are searching for our future Picasso’s, Art Gurus, Leonardo Da Vinci’s, make-shift mammas and arty farty fathers too.

We present to you one of the World’s Biggest Art and Design competitions! To celebrate the summer vibes and good times going into the September Autumn season, everyone loves to get involved in some good ol’ home renovation, interior decoration, garden inspiration or holiday art creation. We want to get you involved too by celebrating the amazing creativity that everyone is capable of.

Without art Beyond Storage would have no reason to exist at all! Art is the definition of love, that unites us all as one community. Art comes in various forms from the birth of a new life to weddings, moving house, growing up and older and all those other phenomenal milestones we hold onto for our whole life.


How to enter

We have the hashtag you have the art, all you have to do is get creative and take a picture of your arty design. #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs after all, so why not tag us in your crafts and innovative designs that would leave us ‘beyond words’. Whether you want to show your artsy-craftsy creations with your kids this summer, or your interior home renovations we would love to see it and you could even win up to 30% off storage solutions too.

In addition to this, you will be automatically entered into our BEYOND YOUR COMFORT ZONE competition and be in with a chance to win up to a whopping £1000!

Need some inspo? We are looking for Instagram-worthy art pieces. Maybe you decided to redesign your whole home, or you added some unique and intricate art in your garden. Better yet you probably had a big white sheet or canvas and just unleash your inner creative diva. Whatever way you want to get creative we want to see it! Don’t forget to tag us with #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs

Competition ends: July 2019