Fireworks can be very frightening for dogs, and during the festive season the number of fireworks that go off can really set off your dog’s anxiety and fear.

How do you know if your dog is stressed out by fireworks?

  • Your dog may pace around
  • Your dog may hide
  • Your dog may run off
  • Your dog may whine
  • Your dog may pant excessively
  • Your dog may drool
  • Your dog may shake
  • Your dog may yawn
  • Your dog may put their tail between their legs

So although it’s probably obvious when your dog is stressed by fireworks, it can be really tricky to know what to do to calm them down.

Here are our top tips for calming your dog down from fireworks:

  1. Stay calm – dogs can feel if you’re stressed, so if they see that you are calm they will know that there is nothing to fear from the fireworks.
  2. Give your dog lots of praise for calm behaviour
  3. Cuddle your dog to help them relax
  4. Let your dog hide if they want to
  5. Don’t leave your dog on their own
  6. If you do leave your dog on their own during fireworks, don’t get angry with them for toileting or for being destructive
  7. If you know that each year fireworks are going to distress your dog, speak to your vet about possible calm medication
  8. Consider sound therapy to help your dog to be less sensitive to loud noises
  9. Take your dog to behaviourist sessions 3 – 6 months ahead of the firework season
  10. Close windows and curtains to quieten the fireworks
  11. Put music on to mask the fireworks sound – however, if your dog is noise phobic, he or she may be even more afraid of the sounds
  12. Create a quiet space for your dog, so they feel in control and safe
  13. Cover your dog’s pen with a blanket to soundproof it
  14. Top up your dog’s water bowl to help their anxious thirst
  15. Feed your dog before the fireworks begin, as they may lose their appetite with anxiety
  16. Walk your dog before dusk


  • Take your dog to a firework display
  • Never tie up your dog outside while fireworks are being displayed

Remember that it’s totally normal for your dog to be afraid of fireworks, and it’s up to you to make them feel safe and secure during this stressful time.