Create them a bathroom they’ll love to spend time in!

Convincing baby to take a bath can be tricky, sometimes the bath is too cold, then it’s too hot, sometimes it can feel as big as the ocean and other times, they’re just left wondering – what is beneath that black hole? Now to take the anxiety out of bath time, we have some top tips (no rubber ducks included) for you that will make bathing a fear of the past.

Baby Bath Time Fun

1. Colour me clean! Lots of little ones love to draw and colour, sketch and scribble, so why not make bath time another artistic adventure? You can buy lots of bath and baby friendly colouring in cubes, that turn the bath water into a rainbow and baby into a Picasso instantaneously. How fun is that? And don’t worry, no stains involved.

2. Let them put on a shark puppet show (there’s a song for that!). Bring in some bathing puppets or simply create different characters with your hands and action! Role play like this can really help to engage your baby’s brain and will help them to improve their creative skills whilst having lots of fun! Here are some cute puppets we found which won’t look so hideous in your beautifully designed bathroom:

Mermaid Tiles

3. Ignore their imagination with a creative space full of mermaid magic! 2018 may have been the year of the mermaid tail, but 2019 is certainly the year for the mermaid TILE. And boy do we love it!

Mermaid Tiles:

This new wave of tiling is made up of fan-shaped fish scale tiles with rounded edges and irregular shapes. They are pretty, ornamental and magical in design, and they draw the eye to the most unique looking feature wall.

Mermaid tiles will make bath time feel like an undersea adventure! It will keep your baby coming back for more swimming and splashing in the tub. But mermaid tiles aren’t just for bathrooms, you can dress up your kitchen, cloakroom, and even your hallway with these beauties, how simple life would be when those sticky fingers cling on to the walls, eh?

Mermaid Tiles