Self-storage is an easy and affordable way to get that extra space you need. Whether you see it as a short-term solution whilst you sort out a home move, or a longer-term option to help you downsize effectively without losing your precious items, self-storage gives you convenient access to your items at all times. Beyond Storage’s self-storage solutions are designed to make your storage experience as good as possible. However, before you can store your items, you need to pack everything up first!

Thankfully, we’ve created this blog to give you our top eight tips for packing, to help you make the most of your storage space and keep the items you are storing in the best possible condition for when you next need it.

1. Use dustsheets or blankets

Whether you are storing unused gadgets, technology or an extra wardrobe, you don’t want to come back to it covered in dust. Before storing anything, Beyond recommends wiping it down with a clean cloth (and polish if you have it to hand!) and then cover items with a dustsheet, blanket or sheets to prevent your stuff being damaged.

2. Use appropriate protection

When you pack your boxes, you need to make sure that items are not moving about and slipping around as you transport them. We always recommend using old newspapers, packing peanuts or spare bubble-wrap to help bolster your boxes, as they are pliable and not heavy. This is especially important for fragile or sharp objects.

3. Label every box

To make it easy for you to remember what you have and haven’t stored, you should label every single box clearly with a black marker pen to tell them apart. After all, nothing else could be worse than unstacking your careful tower to get to that bottom box and finding out it doesn’t actually have what you want in it.

4. Keep a list

Following on from the previous point, if you are going to put a lot of items in storage, you should be keeping a full itinerary of what items you put into storage.

5. Balance is key

When storing, you should apply basic principles of putting heavy items at the bottom, such as furniture or large objects. Stack items carefully and try and use similar size boxes in order to keep them from toppling over.

6. Use shelving

Although we don’t provide shelving as standard, because it takes up space, we do recommend that people look at investing in some free-standing shelves if they think they want to make the most of the vertical space in their unit. It also means you can make certain items more accessible than others, which is important if you have items that need to keep coming in and out.

7. Use drawers as extra storage spaces

If you are storing wardrobes, drawers or other similar items, you’ll have extra drawers, cupboards or shelves that you should be taking advantage of. Store smaller items inside of them and try and make note of where you leave items to make it easy to unload.

8. Swap items for seasonal needs

You won’t need your Christmas decorations in July and in the same way you won’t need your BBQ in the middle of winter. Swap your items accordingly, for when you need them.

For all your self-storage needs, get in touch today and start your storage journey with Beyond Storage today.