The festive season brings food, gifts and a whole lot of cardboard. If your recycling bins are overflowing and that mountain of rubbish simply won’t stop growing, you’ve come to the right place.

These budget-friendly DIY storage ideas will give your unwanted cardboard a new lease of life, helping to save space in your home and recycling bins!

#1 Cardboard cubbies

Cube storage units are great for housing anything from clothes to toys and are the perfect way to maximise space in your home. Simply gather your cardboard boxes, trim any excess, map out your desired layout and glue or tape to keep everything secure then cover with your choice of fabric, paint or paper for a polished finish.

If you want to take your unit to the next level, try adding a few cardboard cube storage boxes to fill the gaps and hide any items that don’t quite fit the aesthetics of your home.

#2 Wrap and roll

If you’re ready to part ways with your cardboard lightsaber, you’ll find some slightly less fun but way more practical uses for your cardboard wrapping paper tubes…

  • Use tubes to secure festive lights or other electrical cords to prevent tangling
  • Cut your rolls to various sizes and secure to a cardboard base to create a desk organiser
  • Get crafty and build your own jewellery holder – the tubes are the perfect shape for displaying bracelets and watches

#3 Drawer dividers

Tired of searching in a sea of clutter? Organise your drawers with these DIY cardboard drawer dividers! Simply measure your space and cut your cardboard to size, create slits to allow you to slot everything together and cover with your choice of fabric or paint to complete the look. Voila!

#4 From shoebox to shelf

Not only do cardboard boxes keep your shoes looking shiny and new, they make for great floating shelves once you’re ready to wear your new pair out and about.

  • To unlock two for the price of one, simply remove the lid, cut your shoebox in half and secure to the wall
  • If you’re looking for a fresh way to store your shoes, add velcro or similar to keep the lid shut but the box accessible and secure the box to your wall leaving space for one shoe to be displayed on top and the other inside the box
  • Keep things simple by removing the lid and securing the remaining rectangular box to the wall to create a classic cube floating shelf

Don’t forget to reinforce the bottom of your box and cover with your choice of fabric, paint or wrapping paper to complete the look.

If you’re still in need of a little extra space to keep your belongings safe, unlock a free quotation with Beyond Storage today!