Whilst decorating for the holidays brings joy and festive cheer, it’s not quite the same story when it comes to packing up for next year – but we’re here to make things a little less stressful. Our storage tips will help you bid farewell to tangled lights and shattered ornaments and ensure your Christmas decorations are kept shiny and bright for years to come.

#1 Organise now, thank us later

A little extra effort now will save you a lot of time and frustration later. Categorise your festive decorations and label your storage containers for efficient, stress-free decorating in 2024 – we’re talking ornaments, lights, wreaths and more. And if any of your decorations aren’t quite up to standard or are unlikely to be used again, think about donating or recycling them to save space and make it easier to find what you need next year.

#2 Think outside the box

While more traditional storage solutions such as cardboard boxes and plastic crates have their place, they aren’t always the best choice when it comes to storing your delicate Christmas decorations.

If you’re ready to ditch broken ornaments and tangled lights, try thinking outside the box – literally! Repurpose old egg cartons to keep smaller ornaments and fragile baubles safe and secure, and try storing larger decorations in bubble wrap or disposable cups. And if you are a fan of the classic cardboard box, why not try upgrading it by adding DIY cardboard dividers to ensure your ornaments are that little bit more secure! Wrap lights, tinsel and other items prone to tangling around pieces of cardboard (think anything from empty wrapping paper tubes to cardboard box scraps), or wrap and secure them with cable ties to prevent any knotting. 

#3 Protect your festive decs

Don’t let musty smells and mould dampen your festive spirit in 2024. Ensure your Christmas decorations are stored in a moisture-free protective environment to ensure they last for years to come. Here at Beyond Storage, we go above and beyond to provide the perfect home for your decorations during the off-season. Complete with full insulation and their very own dehumidifier, our units ensure that your decorations remain in tip-top condition, ready to spread joy once more in 2024 (and beyond!). Find out more about our units and unlock an instant estimate with our free online tool.

So, as you bid adieu to the holiday season, take a moment to think about your decorations, and remember the right storage can ensure next year’s decorating experience is a joyous and hassle-free affair.