Being a student, you’ll be thrust into what will probably be one of the most unusual living situations of your life – the student house. Many students find themselves struggling to fit all their belongings into their ‘cosy’ new accommodation, so just what is the secret to getting all your stuff into the available space, and making the most of your student bedroom?

Leave it Behind

Believe it or not, you don’t need to take the kitchen sink with you to university! Here are some items that might be best left at home with mum and dad.

Iron – When you’re taking a bath before a big night out, hang your outfit up in the bathroom – the steam will help the creases drop out of the fabric.

Printer – Make use of your university’s library facilities – you’ll be saving space, and saving money by not having to buy expensive ink cartridges.

Special Glassware – Even if you’re a bit of a connoisseur, it won’t be long before you find yourself not caring if your wine comes from a wine glass or a plastic tumbler!

Kettle and Toaster – Believe us, everyone in your house will have brought them too!

Take it With You

There are some belongings that you simply can’t do without. So how do you store them?

Laundry – Don’t take a hamper, it’ll just take up space in your bedroom. A large reusable shopping bag that can be stuffed underneath the bed is the ideal solution.

Books – Make use of all those nooks and crannies that are just wasted space – stack books underneath your desk, behind the door, or on top of the wardrobe.

Keepsakes – Underbed boxes ensure your special keepsakes remain safe and secure. Look for boxes with wheels – they’re less likely to damage the floor.

Clever Student Storage Essentials

As a student, there are two clever types of storage you can’t afford to miss out on:

Vacuum Bags – Got spare bedding or unused clothing? Vacuum bag it! You’ll be amazed at how much space you can save, and it makes packing the car at the end of term a piece of cake.

Stacking Boxes – The trick to surviving student accommodation is to build upwards, not outwards, making full use of your space while keeping the floor clear and uncluttered.

Of course, sometimes things are easier said than done and, despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself having to complete a miniature obstacle course every time you want to get from your bed to the door! If you’re still struggling to fit everything into your new bedroom, consider Beyond Storage as a temporary solution, keeping your stuff safe and secure until graduation.

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