Beyond Storage - Kingstone Sponsorship Kits

New Kits For The KHS Kids!

Beyond Storage - Kingstone Sponsorship Kits
There is no better way to build up a community than through a sport that requires teamwork, communication and reliability. We love to see people to going above and beyond their comfort zone; that’s why we find every opportunity we can to help them.

The PE Department of Kingstone High School were busy contacting local businesses since Summer 2017 to help support the purchase of new school sport kits. They eventually got in contact with us via our sponsorship opportunities page, and we were more than happy to help. We are now the proud sponsors of the Kingstone High School’s Rugby kits and have provided new kits for both the boys and girl teams. Their new kits will be worn with pride at local and regional competitions as each and every one of them goes beyond their comfort zones! The picture above shows the respective team captains recieving the kits!

Can we help you?

If you’re in need of sponsorship opportunities in Ross-on-Wye, Carmarthen, Stratford-upon-Avon, Leicester or Hereford, get in contact with us today! We are also happy to provide sponsorship to people outside of these areas, so either way, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get involved!

detoxing decluttering home storage

4 Top Tips to Detoxing and Decluttering Your Home this New Year

detoxing decluttering home storage

After the busy Christmas period (countdown to do it again in 11 months!) you may feel like you want to detox and declutter after the New Year. After all, "New Year, New You"! You’ve made your resolutions and are determined to stick to them… even your fitness one! Out with the old, in with the new. But before bringing in anything, you should consider detoxing and decluttering your home so it’s organised and ready to bring in the new. Here are some useful tips to consider when organising your home.

Make a Detox List

Making a declutter checklist is a good start to detoxing your home. You can create a list for each area of the home, beginning with the easiest. It's a great way to keep track of what and where you've decluttered, such as drawers, cupboards, or closets. Moreover, this can let you keep track of everything you want to keep or store away. 

One Step at a Time

Think small before thinking big. Try tackling one room at a time instead of doing everything at once. This will get you into the rhythm of setting decluttering goals and checklists when you finish one area of your home then moving onto the next. You can start by dedicating 20-30 minutes to working on a specific area of your home, then move on to another room. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Decluttering may take time, but if you’re consistent with it and set an end date, you should be done quicker than you think! Don’t forget to start with the sock drawer too - that holds the most clutter!

Stop Hoarding!

Get rid of old items from the past year(s) which are taking up space. Hoarding takes up so much space and can be messy. So when you're decluttering and you come across an old unused item, ask yourself “Do I really need this?”, "Is this really relevant to keep?". If it’s of sentimental value then obviously, yes, keep it. However, if it’s just old packaging or utensils that are of no use, then you can get rid of them.

Make Designated Boxes

Having designated boxes is a great way to organise your clutter, and you will know what you need to store away to make room. You can have different boxes for "Keep" or "Maybe" so it'll be easier to know what to store away later. Plus, you can always make use of old gift boxes from the previous Christmas period. Or if you’re feeling creative, get crafty and make your own storage containers! For example, to store little bathroom items or makeup, you can glue little boxes together, decorate them to make them pretty and store your little accessories in them.

If you need somewhere to store all your unused items before deciding what to do with them, contact us for more information on which of our brilliant and accessible storage units. Or if you want an instant quote, why not get an estimate from us? This will send an estimated quote to your inbox for you to keep in your records. Detox and declutter your home for the great new year ahead!

detoxing decluttering home storage


What’s in your cup this Dry January? #YourWorldCup

How did you see in the New Year?

We bet it was a celebration worth having! So with the party season now over, they don’t call it Dry January for no reason. Whilst we’re recovering from seeing in the New Year, we at Beyond are going to put up our feet and enjoy a nice cup of tea. After all, Fortnum & Mason did launch a gin and tonic flavoured tea last year, so ‘bottom's up’!


For our Beyond family, a cup of tea is the ultimate symbol of comfort and home. As part of our #YourWorldCup campaign, we’d like you to share your ideal cup of tea with us! It doesn’t necessarily have to be tea, but we want to see what’s in your cup this Dry January! Maybe your drink of choice is coffee (a good alternative to those festive espresso martinis), or maybe it’s hot cocoa? Whatever your idea of home (in a cup) is, we’ll show you ours if you show us yours.

Join in on the fun! Send us your best pictures of what you’re drinking! You can get creative too. Why not snap us a pic of you and your pet having a nice cuppa together! You can even send us what you’re drinking on holiday or at home.

The #YourWorldCup Campaign:

dry january #yourworldcupTo join the #YourWorldCup Campaign, all you have to do is send us a photo of your cup/glass/mug/shot glass/pint/bowl, it’s that simple! We’ll be sharing our favourite cups of love to our 15K Family on social!

To enter, please submit #YourWorldCup photo:

Via email:

Via our Facebook page #YourWorldCup

Via Twitter#YourWorldCup

Via Instagram: #YourWorldCup

Our #YourWorldCup will run from 1st of January 2018 until 31st December 2018

dry january #yourworldcup

The Prize:

All entrants will receive 30% off storage solutions plus entry into our Beyond Your Comfort Zone competition, which could have you winning up to £1000!

Christmas diy decoration ideas storage

Top 5 Christmas DIY Home Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family! So, what better way to spend it than to decorate your home with these fun and stress-free Christmas crafts. Your children will love decorating your home with these handmade ornaments, which also make beautiful keepsake gifts for loved ones. Here are our top 5 Christmas DIY home decoration ideas to inspire you and your loved ones to create beautiful homely decorations.  

Gingerbread Decorations

There is nothing more delightful than having the sweet spiced smell of gingerbread filling the house to get everyone in the festive mood. These simple decorations can be cut into any Christmas shape of your choice and iced to perfection. If they haven’t been eaten straight from the oven, they can take pride of place on the Christmas tree. These gingerbread biscuits will keep over the festive period to be enjoyed long after the tree has been taken down.


Christmas diy decoration ideas storage

The excitement of waking up on Christmas morning to find an overfilled stocking resonates with every child... or every adult-sized child! The kids will enjoy designing and making their own individual stocking to hang up on Christmas eve. They can be made to any size from a range of materials, with any design your kids will want on them too! Christmas stockings also make a thoughtful gift that friends and family will adore.

Snow Globes

Snow globes capture a festive scene that can be kept and remembered forever. A simple and cost-effective project for children to have fun with and craft whatever they want in them. They’re simple and easy to make. All you need is: an empty jar, water, glitter, glue and whichever figurine you want in your snow globe! Your kids can make as many as they like to add to the festive fun around the house too!

Baubles & Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas centrepiece (besides the turkey at the table) is the tree itself! Why not add a cute personal touch to your Christmas tree by making your own decorations? These can range from making your own baubles with empty plastic baubles from the craft shop to paper ones. Alternatively, if you’re planning on going for a wonderful winter walk, you can pick up some pine cones to add as decorations. Along with some cinnamon sticks to add some spice and tradition or maybe some bow ribbons for a cute and cosy look on your tree - the ideas are endless!

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas diy decoration ideas storageThey can sparkle, jingle or just be plain & pretty - a handmade Christmas wreath can add a jolly touch to your home this festive season. It's easy and fun to make! All you need is a coat hanger or paper plate as the base, and you can add whatever you want on it to create a beautiful bespoke wreath. Old Christmas decorations that don’t make it onto the tree can be used on them. This way, they aren’t taking up space by being locked away this year. They can be personalised to whatever you fancy placing on the door and can be used again for next year. It’s a fun and eco-friendly activity you can do with the kids to add a touch of joy to your home!

To make room for family and friends coming over this holiday period, contact us for more information. You can store your valuables safely at any of our lovely and easy accessible locations. You can also get a quote straight to your inbox to save you time this busy holiday period. Make room for what really matters this Christmas.

christmas storage

Cosy Christmas Storage & Beyond!

Merry Christmas from our family at Beyond! Every year we are so pleased to see our community on site and on social media growing, and if we could, we would send Christmas cards to every single one of you. But we know that for some of you, another Christmas card on the shelf is the last thing you want amongst the Christmas decorations, the family photos and hidden presents!

In fact, Christmas is definitely a common time of year for feeling like you have too many things and feel like your home needs a good decluttering. If that sounds familiar, then why not take a few of the following steps in order to freshen up your home this festive season:

Decorative presents that can be used as storage boxes too!

That way you can hide away any of your normal bits and bobs to make way for those all important Christmas lights, holly leaves and tinsel tassels. Plus you can hide the odd real present in between them in plain site!

christmas storageCreate bunting from your cards

That way, your window sills, fireplaces and shelves can stay clear. Plus your Christmas cards won't be falling over all over the place! You can hang them up wherever you'd like and they'll be easy to fold away without getting lost whilst on the string!

christmas storage

Decide to group your knick knacks into colours

So rather than getting all of them out every year, you can choose a different colour depending on you’re holiday mood. Grouping them in to the classic Christmas colours of red, green and gold is always a good start... unless you’re like us and love a good orange Christmas (perfect for the AW17 copper interior look)!

christmas storageIf those options just aren’t enough for the abundance of presents you need to hide and for cutting clutter, then you can always make use of our highly secure and affordable self storage units!

All of our storage units offer:

  • 24/7 security including CCTV
  • Fingerprint access
  • Insulated and dehumidified units

As a Christmas, we're offering 1 month's free storage and insurance! So don’t miss out on the opportunity to make this Christmas a memorable one. Contact us for more information, or get a quote straight to your inbox. Make room for the things that really matter this festive season.

beyond autumn garden must haves

5 Autumn Garden Must-Haves

Every garden needs some TLC and what better way than some garden must-haves. As Autumn settles in it brings the season of colour and vibrancy, the changing of the leaves from green and orange to red and brown giving your garden atmosphere. Give your garden your own touch of personality with a few DIY garden must-haves that can transform something seemingly useless into something incredible.

Watering-Can Lights:

Very soon the clocks will be going back and the evenings will be darker quicker, but not to worry brighten up your garden with this easy DIY watering can light. Simply thread the fairy lights through the holes and light them up, then hang the can up on a hook and it can look like it’s pouring water. This can simply transform your garden and you can even make a few to light up your pathway. Unique and magical!

Image: Smart School House

Breeze Block Bench:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect garden seating, especially if you have a small garden and want to make the best use of the room you have. There is no need to worry you can make life a bit easier and create your own DIY garden bench. Use breeze blocks stacked one on top the other opposite each other, and place a plank of wood across them. You could add a cushion on top for added comfort! This simple garden seating can complement the rest of your garden and create more of a homely atmosphere.

Broken Plant Pot?

Stop! Don’t throw away that broken plant pot, get creative with it and use the broken parts to form a mini garden adventure. Add soil and small plants, use broken pieces to create steps and add any other little rocks or stones to make it unique. It’s like a mini wonderland for the little creatures of the garden. Be adventurous and make different ones placed around the garden.

Image: My Amazing Things

Label Bricks:

If you’re someone who loves to grow vegetables and herbs all year round, it can be difficult to know what plant, you have put where right? Make this easier by labelling bricks, simply write on a brick in permanent marker and place it near the plant according to its name. Not only does it make finding the herbs easier for you but also can give your garden that added personality and comfort.

Sieve plant pot:

Finding the right plant pot can be difficult for the right plant, try up-cycling sieves and use it as a pot for the plants. It’s breathable, and will grow better as the holes in the bottom helps the plant to receive lots of nutrients and prevents it from becoming over watered. You can paint the sieve to make it look more creative and brighten up your garden. Why not hang it up by attaching string tied at the handles on each side.


bedroom storage solutions bed

Easy Bedroom Storage Solutions

We all need bedroom storage solutions, and as the bedroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, it’s likely to be the room with the most belongings. But the question remains. Where will it all go? Save time, money and hassle with some easy and simple bedroom storage solutions that can simply transform your room.

Charging basket:

Create a little charging area for you devices by attaching a basket on your desk, then you can easily charge your phone without the worry of tripping over the wire or having less floor space. In this compact basket all your charging essentials are in one place and even better in easier reach.

Bedroom Storage Solutions


Image: The11Best

Key and bag holder:

Have you ever misplaced your keys? You sit and say to yourself “i’m pretty sure I left it right there?” Now you can definitely find them with easy to install dud door-handles, with a dud key too. Not only can you attach your key to the key ring but also you can use the door handle to hang up your own bag too. Then you can have more room and easily find everything you need just before you go out the door.

Image: Buzzfeed


Embrace the power of shelves and the amount of space they can create, they can store things that may not need to be used for a long period of time. Additionally, in smaller bedrooms they can be effective by adding a clothes rod to act as a open wardrobe. Aesthetic and easy!

Image: LoveChicLiving

Pocket holders:

Create a sectional holder for essential leads, even add labels to divide them up and make it easier to find. This can then be stored in a drawer or on a shelf so it is in reach and also makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Image: Gurl

Don’t forget the corners:

The corners of the room can be the most unused space as it is the most difficult to acquaint. But no need to worry as you can simply put up corner shelves, especially near the bedside, then you can have your own space saving night table and you have created more room too.

Image: apartment therapy

Cozy and Close:

Let the snug life choose you with this simple bedside caddy. Don’t you hate when you have just got settled and then oh no, you left the remote on the chest of drawers all the way by the door. Now you don’t have to worry about that again with this bedside caddy keeping all your essentials close by

Image: Buzzfeed

Behind the door:

Make full use of the storage space you have on the back of your door, easily install racks or hooks that you can store all your toiletries such as lotions and creams. Or you can store other items that maybe only come out at seasonal periods such as wrapping paper and ribbons.

Image: hisugarplum

contact us boxes

8 Tips to make moving house as simple as possible

Say you've found your perfect house. You probably only have a few weeks before the task comes of moving all of your possessions from one place to another. This sounds stressful, because it is and it is one of the biggest tasks people can do. That's why here at Beyond Storage we want to try and be as helpful as we possibly can, so we've created a list to try and ease the pain and to make moving as stress free and smooth flowing as possible.

Be organised

One of the easiest and first things you should do. Firstly, create a to-do list and an important information file. It will greatly help if you write down what you have to do in the order you want to do them. Make it personal to you, so that you will understand it more. It is recommended you make the list around at least 3 weeks before moving.

Start packing early

The easiest way to pack is to break down what you're going to pack where bit by bit. For example, go through room by room at a time. Start by packing the smaller things first into smaller boxes. This includes items such as books and CD's. If you can, ask friends or family to lend a helping hand to speed up the process and make it easier for you in the long run.

Label the boxes

Obvious, we know.Surprisingly there are still a lot of people who don't do this. Our tip for this is that you should label multiple sides so that the boxes and where they belong are visible even if they are piled up. An extra tip is that if you are extra organised, you can keep an inventory of what is in each box. This can be especially helpful if some of the boxes are going into storage. Customers can check out our website for multiple storage options using the link at the bottom of the page.

self-storage Hereford storage

Label the electrical stuff

If you have a hundred wires going into one device use sticky coloured labels or number each part to match one end to the other.

The essentials

Your essentials should always be kept closest to you. These are the kind of things such as remotes, chargers and other valuables. Important papers should always be kept with you. Try and fit all the main important valuables in the same box. To make it clearer you could label the box "Valuables" or something along those lines.


Sometimes keeping items you don't actually have a use for can take up space that could be used for something else. This is called hoarding. Moving house is the perfect opportunity to clean out and throw those dusty, unused items away. Think with the mindset of if it hasn't been used in over a year and doesn't really hold any sentimental value, bin it. If you want to put it in storage, then it's your decision, but don't pay extra money to store something you won't use again.

Plan out rooms beforehand

Before you start the task of actually moving everything around, try coming up with a rough sketch of the house, drawing in where you may want to put possessions like furniture, the TV, bedrooms and other things. Of course, you can always move these at a later date, but it helps to have a clearer image of what you want to do.

Refugee bags are your new friend

Not specifically refugee bags, but large, zipped bags in general are great for moving possessions that don't need to be boxed. For example, clothes, shoes and other items that aren't that fragile.

Trust us, you'll appreciate this after a long day of moving. If you don't finish in the first day (which you probably won't), at least you can rest for the night and regain some vital energy for the next day


Want to give us a call? Use this number:  0800 77 20 200

If you also want to have a deeper look into the storage services we supply, you can check them out here:

cleaning hacks homeowner carpet

5 easy cleaning hacks every homeowner should know

Cleaning is generally seen as one of the longest and never-ending chores in the house and, unless your a clean freak, it may not be very enjoyable either. One way or another it’s a task that needs to be done and is usually left down to the parents. How about making cleaning more enjoyable for the whole family by using these easy cleaning hacks that would make life that much easier?

Bathroom tricks:

It’s surprisingly ironic how dirty the shower head can get when it’s constantly releasing running water when in use. However, the shower head can be affected by a serious case of limescale build up which can not only clog up the flow but also doesn’t give you the best shower experience every time. It can be difficult to clean but now with this easy cleaning hack, the shower head can in effect clean itself. Click here

Self-Cleaning Blender:

Cleaning the blender can be difficult with all the nooks and crannies around the blade. Get the blender to self-clean by simply partially filling it with water and adding dish soap, switch it on for around 30 seconds, empty and rinse!

Easy cleaning hacks

Image: Today

Small items:

Lost your earring? Lost that last screw you needed to finish the new wardrobe? We have all been there! Don’t you just hate when you lose something so small yet so important and essential. Not to worry, all you will need is a pair of stockings or pantyhose and a vacuum cleaner. Simply stretch one leg of the pantyhose over the end of the vacuum tube. Then, vacuum over the area where you might have dropped that item and it should attach itself to the pantyhose without getting sucked into the vacuum!

Image: Today's homeowner

Lint roller:

Cats and dogs are adorable but wouldn’t you agree their hairs can be the most hardest thing to clean out of your new suede sofa or your fresh cream carpet? Here’s a simple hack to solve that issue by using a lint roller, similar to how it works on your clothes you can use it to clean up those gnarly pet hairs.

Magically erase marks off wood:

Have you got creative children who love to draw on almost everything and anything they can get their hands on? Most the time it is easy to clean, whether it be on their clothes or even on themselves. However, what about on wood? Too difficult? No need to worry! Toothpaste with a bit of warm water can easily get rid of those marks.

storage hacks tiny kitchen

5 Storage Hacks for a Tiny Kitchen

Lack of space can be so frustrating especially if you’re not sure how to utilise the space available in the room. Have you ever said to yourself “where am I going to put it” when a new product is advertised that would save time and hassle in the kitchen? Well there’s no need to worry as we’ve come up with 5 brilliant storage hacks that can transform your life if you have a small kitchen.

1. Under the sink space:

Sometimes there is just no more room for all those bottles of cleaning products, but they are all needed, right? Why not utilise the space under your sink more by simply putting up a tension rod. Let the bottles hang up high as you have made more room for other products below.

Storage hacks for a tiny kitchen

Image: Apartment therapy

2. Cupboards and walls:

Make use of the cupboard or wall space you have available and hang up your mugs on these space-saving and trendy hooks. Its quick, easy and isn't time-consuming and saves a great deal of space too.

3. Inner cupboard door:

All those little bottles of seasonings and spices can really take up a lot of room in a fairly big cupboard that can be used for other things. How about making the best of both worlds by attaching storage holders on the inside door for those little bottles of spice. Now the whole cupboard is being used to the full.

Image: Woohome

4. Easy chopping:

Wouldn’t you agree that sometimes there is literally no more space to put your chopping board to get dinner ready? How about installing a chopping board just under the counter top so it can be easily pulled out when it’s needed. Not only does it provide more room for you to cook but also it saves lots of space in cupboards where the chopping board would usually go!

5. Hanging Utensils:

Serving spoon, wooden spoon, spatula, whisk just a few of the larger utensils that are essential in the kitchen, yet they are the hardest to store. Make life in the kitchen that little bit easier by hanging them from their own hooks underneath a cupboard space. Now they are easily accessible, you have more drawer space and it looks unique.