Hygge: The fine art of Danish living


Let’s talk art, the fine Danish art known as hygge. You may have seen this word before but you are probably not sure how to pronounce this unusual word.

Hygge pronounced as ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’ is the Danish concept of feeling content and cosy by enjoying even the simplest things in life. Having a nice hot cocoa with marshmallows or enjoying reading a good book on a rainy day is just two of the ways you have probably experienced hygge without even realising you have. In Danish tradition, hygge is such an important and defining feature of their culture. It is like the DNA mark of all Danes! Due to the Danish obsession of all things cosy, Denmark has always been rated the top of the list for the world’s happiest countries. But what truly defines hygge?

Definitions of Hygge:

Now we know what hygge is and how to pronounce it, what truly defines hygge? Firstly, hygge is all about comfort. The warm crackling fire, the snowy outdoors, the cosy sweaters and the hot wine can make it all comforting and all the more hygge. Next is the company, hygge wouldn’t be hygge without a group of your close friends to share it with. You can do hygge by yourself, all curled up on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea but it’s just not the same without experiencing it with others too. Connecting with nature is also another definitive trait of hygge. Although you can and many do practice hygge indoors, truly living hygge involves enjoying the wonderful outdoors; the sounds, smells, sights of nature. The natural wildlife roaming the woodlands, cooking outdoors with fresh natural ingredients are all part of the hygge life. Even hanging your clothes out to dry on the line is a form of hygge.

There are two more actions that define hygge and they are easier said than done, one is relaxing and the other is simplicity. No relaxation isn’t the same as just sitting still. Relaxing is doing something without being in a rush. Want to take a walk? Don’t do a brisk walk rather a leisurely slow walk is much hygge. Want to exercise? By all means! But don’t exercise in a hurry or hastily rather take your time with your exercise and fully enjoy it. Finally simplicity, hygge isn’t about chasing the thrills in life, rather it’s enjoying the simple things in life. Sipping on your coffee in your dressing gown while looking out the window is ultimate hygge goals.

How to live Hygge

Take a walk: Danes love to go for a long walk no matter the weather. Walking is very hygge and is such a relaxing and easy way to show your hyggeness. Have you had a chance to stroll the beautiful areas of Hereford? Why not make that your next trip this weekend and even pop in and have a coffee with us at Beyond.
Share a meal: Cooking at home is much more hygge than eating out at a restaurant. There is something about hearty home cooked food that can just give you that ultimate cosy and warm sensation inside and out. Share a meal this autumn and enjoy hygge to the max
Enjoy a hot drink: Cup of tea, creamy coffee or even a nice hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows is beyond hygge. On a cold and wet day, a hot drink can lift up your mood and add the extra hygge in your step.
Sing songs: Unleash your inner talent and sing away to your favourite songs. Whip out the old school classics and have a sing-along in your home. Invite your friends over too and hygge it up!
Snuggle up!: There is no cosier activity other than just cuddling! Get out the blankets, the plump cushions and the oversized jumpers and snuggle up on your sofa, bed, with your kids or your pet. Now let us help you take hygge to the next level.

Benefits of Plants for Mindset

Plants can have so many benefits to the body and mood, no wonder taking a nice walk around the countryside can be so relaxing. Many people enjoy gardening because of the relaxing benefits it can have just being surrounded by nature. If you have ever been to Herefordshire, I’m sure you enjoy the surroundings and the beautiful landscapes that Hereford has to offer. But did you know that even indoor plants and gardening can have so many benefits to your wellbeing? We have discussed some of the benefits of indoor plants for mindset and also what indoor plants you may want to have to decorate your house.

Emotional Benefits:

There are many benefits to having houseplants, they can help with the body and with the mind creating more of a positive atmosphere in the home.

Decreases Stress Levels:
We all get stressed at different points in our week or day, do you feel the pressure? Houseplants are a great way to reducing those unnecessary stresses making you feel a little bit more relaxed. According to research, they can help keep your blood pressure levels low which in turn helps to increase your productivity making you feel and be more productive. Because of the reduced stress methods, houseplants make a great asset in the home and even office environment.

Makes You Feel Happier:
Our brain is full of happy chemicals called endorphins, they have been proven to help people who suffer from anxiety or depression to lift their moods. Having a hobby of taking care of your houseplant can help release more of these happy chemicals into your brain providing a happy and healthier you. So rather than sitting down watching TV or just doing nothing at all, get your mind going by involving yourself in a fun active hobby that you are sure to enjoy.

Adapts to Your Surroundings:
Houseplants are perfect for changing the home scenery providing a better home experience. A lot of plants are beautifully coloured which brings life and vibrancy to your home. Also because plants always need care and attention such as having a daily water which can always leave you feeling great!

Physical Benefits:

Clears The Air:
A lot of our homes have poor air quality indoors due to dust build up, furniture, carpets and even the combination of various cleaning products. When the air quality is poor it can cause us to have symptoms such as breathing problems, tiredness, and headaches. However, indoor plants such as the spider plant is a great way to improve air quality as it filters out all the bad chemicals.

Reduces Sickness:
With the weather changing and the cold weather starting to settle in colds and cases of flu are on the rise. Research has found that having houseplants can reduce illnesses by 60% compared to having no plants at all.

Helps with Breathing:
Indoor plants can assist us with our respiration as they absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen. When the plant increases in the amount of oxygen it releases it automatically generates a cleaner and healthier environment to be in.

Beyond Houseplants:

  1. Monstera - This dramatic tropical jungle looking houseplant is perfect for brightening up a dark corner in your home. The big beautiful leaves make it a pure delight to have in your home.
  2. The Money Tree - Unfortunately you cannot get actual cash from this beautiful tree but you can get clean air from it. Scientifically known as the Scindapsus aureus,” is fantastic at purifying the air.
  3. Areca Palm - This beautiful plant is pet-friendly and great at removing all bad toxins from the air.

30 Daily Self-Care Methods

Self-Care, what is it and why has it become such a big factor in our daily lives? Self-care is all about identifying the needs of your body and being able to take action to fulfil those needs. Focussing on yourself and doing some activities that can nurture your not only your physical but also your mental and emotional health too. Practising good and daily self-care can help reduce stresses, anxiety, improves your mood and your relationship with others.

Self-care should always involve something you enjoy, those activities that you eagerly look forward to after a long day at work or having a busy time with the kids. It should be something you do, just for you. We have put together 30 easy daily self-care methods that can help you


Daily self-care for the mind is vital for that growth mindset and mindfulness that we all desire. Try out some of these daily self-care methods for that clear and growing mind. You may have a build up of unnecessary bits and bobs, why not get rid of them if you no longer use them. Go beyond your comfort zone and try something you have never done before. Everyone has questions over something they are not sure of, nothing helps the mind better other than some healthy research. Sometimes it’s good to have a social media break and just unplug your mind from the social world


Self-care for the body is so important here are a few of the ways that you can practise daily self-care for your body. Give your body a healthy self-clean and enjoy a healthy meal. How about enjoying a slow or brisk work being one with nature? You could also relax your body and mind with some peaceful yoga. After a long day at work, treat yourself to a nice soak in the bath. Stay hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Treat your body to something nice it could be having a massage, or buying new clothes.


You now have a clearer mind and body, now to activate the soul. The final self-care push to achieve complete positivity. Whip out the creative tools and get arts and craftsy, you can even join in our #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs competition. Give your thanks and write down everything you have been grateful for in your life. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself that can lift up your spirits. Have a self-date and a home spa, pamper and enjoy yourself while checking in with your emotions.


Stress Free September!!

Summer holidays are over and it’s time for a fresh new start this stress free September. With the new academic year in full swing, you finally have the whole house to yourself. But! STRESS! There is so much clutter, you’re probably thinking ‘where did it all come from?’ Decluttering your home can feel like the world’s longest task but it doesn’t have to be stressful or even time-consuming. That’s why we have put together some of our top tips for helping you to declutter this stress-free September.

1. Realistic thinking is key

Don’t rush yourself and try to declutter the whole house in one weekend. Try this approach; take your time by tackling one room at a time, you can even do it over a period of days if that makes it easier. If that still sounds a bit too lengthy, you can start by going through one cupboard first or a drawer and then you will eventually get into the drift.

2. ATTENTION! You are now entering a clutter-free zone

Sound the alarm, raise the roof, shout it out loud. Declare clutter-free zones, for example, the counter or a cabinet is at times the biggest clutter culprits. Clear all items from that area and make it a house rule that nothing should be placed there unless it is always going to be used. You want to get to a point where more less all flat surfaces in your home are free from clutter.

3. Give yourself 20 mins a day

Your main obstacle to clearing clutter may be that you simply don’t have the time. No need to stress, give yourself a mere 20 minutes a day that you promise to dedicate to keeping on top of your clutter. It could just be re-organising a cupboard, tidying up that one drawer in your kitchen that has everything or sorting out that pile of letters from the past month. By investing just a few moments a day, it can all add up to having that clutter-free home you long for, and of course, it keeps your stress levels to a minimum.

4. Get organised

Try having separate boxes or bags that have been labelled with; ‘Things to Bin’, ‘Donate to Charity’, ‘Sell’ and ‘Recycle’. Now the fun part, you can get your kids involved too with this part. Simply separate all the clutter into each box/bag and your set! Kick stress to the curb with organisation city.

5. Out with the old and in with the new

We all love to buy something new, but, remember that pile of unnecessary clutter in the corner of the living room. Do you really need any of those things? As the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new” so for every new item, make a vow to donate, bin, recycle or sell an item(s) that you no longer want, need or use. The perfect ingredient for stress-free living!

6. Have a clutter basket in every room

This may sound contradictory but it is super helpful. Having a ‘clutter basket’ as it were, is great for chucking the kids toys in, magazines, newspapers, and other bits and bobs that generally does not have a set place in your home. To make your life that much easier, keep a watchful eye on those clutter hotspots and be sure to keep a basket there too. Then when it has built up, go through the basket and remove anything you no longer need. We’re sure those news stories are probably outdated by now!

7. Don’t give up

We know it is a long process and we know it can be stressful, but don’t let that get to you! When you start decluttering and organising your home, it can look worse before it gets better, but the key is commitment, persistence and patience. Try not to get distracted by other tasks, rather, push yourself to complete the current one you have started. To make it even easier for you we have created this handy poster that you can print out. You can put it up in your home to remind you of the easy areas you can reduce clutter in each room at any time of the day.


Beyond's Family Friendly Fun Day!

On Saturday 22nd September we have the perfect weekend getaway for you and your family. For one day only, you can experience a weekend like no other and nurture your wellbeing, we are taking yoga to the next level with Disco Yoga at our Beyond's family-friendly fun day event! Whether you're a newbie yogi, a yoga fanatic or just want to have a little relaxing boogie, our event is suited for everyone, from beginners to intermediate.

Here at Beyond Storage, we are so much more than a storage company. We help people to go beyond their comfort zone is our priority and practising mindfulness and self-care is key. Our Beyond family-friendly fun is suitable for all no matter your age, whether you want to come alone or with family and friends. You can be sure to enjoy some special bonding time with your loved ones or have a fun Saturday with your friends.

Yes! Even kids are welcomed to this fun-filled day so get ready to relax your body and mind with this experience that truly goes above and Beyond.

You also have the opportunity to engulf yourself in the beautiful landscapes of Herefordshire at Beyond Storage Ross on Wye. Our event is an activity-filled day, and we wouldn’t want you to get ‘hangry’ so we have an epic Beyond BBQ to keep you going. We are also partnering up with our local football clubs, charity shops and suppliers to bring you an amazing day out.

What can you look forward to?

  • Disco Yoga
  • Glitter Station
  • Face Painting
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Auction for Charity
  • BBQ
  • Bouncing Megaslide
  • Giant Games and loads more to be revealed on the day

There will be friendly and experienced staff that will ensure you are happy and comfortable on the day.

Please come dressed in suitable dance/fitness wear for the Disco Yoga bonanza. Or simply come dressed ready to have a good time with family and friends.

Book your space today and allows us to help you go beyond your comfort zone. To get your tickets, click the link here


Beyond Back To School Guide

How was your summer? Hasn’t time flown and the kids are all grown, your little ones may be starting in their first school or they may be going to ‘big school’. But, have you got everything ready for that hectic and dreaded first day back? With the new academic year in full flow, you may be looking for those last minute essentials to get you back into your routine. Or you may be looking for those easy drop off/pick-up techniques to deal with the kids this new school year. We know how frustrating it can be when it’s the first day and the kids just don’t want to compromise with you. First the early wake-up, then the breakfast madness topped by the awful screeching in the house as you bellow for them to get ready.

No need to fear, Beyond is here to help you with these quick DIY top tips and tricks for that smooth transition into the new year. To save you the hassle and give you that extra time to prepare yourself we have got a few handy back to school tricks that you can add to your books. They are quick, easy and DIY friendly to help you get on back on track.

Drop off zone:

Set the boundaries with an after school drop off zone. Shoes and jackets off, bags on the hook and now check the noticeboard. You can create your own after school or even before school drop off zone to make it easier for that last minute morning rush. Not only does it ensure that everything is kept in one place but it also helps to keep your home looking organised and complete with the headless chicken run every morning.

Having this zone for after school is also an incredible idea, including a noticeboard among the design can help your children know what they need to do when they get home. You can also give yourself some peace of mind and enjoy a stress-free back to school routine.

Homework station:

Face it! We all hated homework at some point in our lives but why not make doing homework a little bit more fun with a homework station. Loaded with all the equipment you will need for any project and even a tray of snacks can be such a good incentive to getting the job done. Your homework station can be as adventurous and unique as you like too! A homework station can give your children that extra bit of independence and also leave you without a worry as their homework is all kept in one place. Why not add a tray for pens and pencils, one for paper (plain, lined and math) and one for other bits and bobs in case they have to create a masterpiece for art. Time to get to work!

Stationary pots:

There is nothing more annoying than losing your favourite pen or those needed staples so you can officially complete your work. Don’t throw away those used jars, wash them out and decorate them and use them as stationary pots so you won’t lose those little bits again. Add labels to the jars/pots so you know for sure what’s in the correct jar. It can make your life that little bit easier and that back to school routine as smooth as possible

Hair Hack:
We know the struggles of the morning rush! Where are the kids' socks, jackets on, hair a mess! Let us help you cut out the middleman with this quick hair hack. Simply gather all the hairbands you own and add them to a key ring that could be kept in your bag or car for those quick hair fixes in the morning rush hour.

Win Up To £1000 In The World's Biggest Art and Design Competition

The World's Biggest Art and Design Competition Is Here!

Would you like to win £1000 this summer?

Calling all Pinterest-Queens! We are on the search for the best interior designers, future Picassos, make-shift mammas and arty farty fathers.

The World's Biggest Art and Design Competition is here! In celebration of the summer to September season, where everyone likes to get stuck in with home renovations, interior inspiration and summer holiday arts and crafts, we thought that we would get involved by celebrating the amazing creativity people are capable of!

If it wasn't for art, Beyond Storage wouldn't have a reason to exist, art is the love that brings us weddings, moving home, having babies, growing up and growing old, and it's for those milestones that we exist!

Enter our Art and Design Competition: #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs

Our Art and Design photo competition will run from July 2018 until midnight on the 31st December 2018.

We’re looking for photos of your interior designs, arts and crafts; Please remember to accompany your photo with a brief description of how you designed or created the art in shot.

Please submit your photos to:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Please don’t forget to include your name and where the photo was taken- get in touch info@beyondstorage.co.uk for more information.

Our Art and Design Photo Competition will close at midnight on 31st December 2018. The competition will be judged by our Beyond Storage team of home experts and we will announce the competition winners in the New Year.

Competition Winner 2017: Julie Curtin

Paper Flowers

“being stuck indoors isn't always such a bad thing! Last week Sarah was making a 'fortune teller' with her son. Much scrolling and sharing later & I remembered a book my daughter had a while back! Anyway...out came the paper. I thought these were a little like daffodils and thought I'd give it a go, seeing as the snow has covered my emerging blooms in powdery drifts! Really need very fine paper for this but I'm hooked! Now... what to do with a couple of paper flowers?"





Things we love:

Living on the wild side

We love Kirsty Baird's (@the_fashionharlot) funky outside home - the colours make for a truly popping party space, that you'll either love or hate.













Mental Health Doodles

We stumbled across these cute doodles by Good Grief@goodgrief_UK, which make mental health topics accessible, funny, and a bit more fun!
















DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art

Mr Kate created this beautiful, large piece of shining, sophisticated wall art, on a feasible budget!

Beautiful gray and silver wall art — no paintbrushes needed!! Bring some steely sophistication into your home with this glamorous, yet easy DIY!

Stratford-Upon-Avon in the Spotlight!

Here at Beyond Storage, we go the extra mile to care for our customers and always striving to provide the best service for you as much as possible. At our Stratford Upon-Avon location, we have a new reception and canteen area made from storage containers, which is available for all our customers to use. But wait: It doesn’t stop there! We go beyond that extra mile and ensure that all your belongings are protected to the highest satisfaction by having insulated and dehumidified storage containers. So, the next time you’re visiting the countryside, come and pop into Beyond Storage Stratford Upon-Avon and have a cup of tea with us!

We go ‘above’ and beyond with our storage units and have decided to show you a scope of our incredible location in Stratford Upon-Avon. Once home to the legendary William Shakespeare, this beautiful location never fails to impress. We take in the Beyond Storage area with our newest and latest drone video, showcasing the facility and its surrounding landscapes.


We’re Going Home!

The End of The Line for England’s World Cup Shot!

The game that everyone had been waiting for and the moment in the spotlight England had needed has come to a very sad end. It’s been a good run for England with lifted spirits for weeks but, the teams time in the World Cup is now over. After a phenomenal start with Trippier scoring a goal in the first 5 minutes, England fans were screaming to the rooftops of nearly every house and pub in the UK. But the hype didn’t last very long, by extra time Croatia moreless had the win in the bag and then Mario Mandzukic cut England off with his strike in extra time .

Although they didn’t get to bag the World Cup trophy, England has played so well this year they are to be commended for their team work, dedication and persistence in all of their games. Let’s not drown ourselves in sorrow but rather remember all the joyous occasions that England has had and they still have a shot at beating Belgium for third place in this years World Cup.

To enter, please submit a photo of your 'world cup' to"

  1. Email: Armani@boss-digital.co.uk
  2. Via our Facebook page
  3. Via Twitter: #YourWorldCup
  4. Via Instagram: ##YourWorldCup


England vs Colombia - It's coming home!

It’s coming home! Football is well and truly coming home!

I don’t blame you if you haven’t yet recovered from Tuesday night’s heroic penalty shootout win against Colombia, England’s first ever penalty shootout win at a World Cup!

I’m sure you’re well aware of the rather hopeful memes that have come about from England’s performances at the World Cup so far, and Tuesday night was no exception with many more flooding the internet with England moving one step closer to getting their hands on the trophy.

Here are some of our favourite memes from the night…