If there is one thing that can be considered a genuine rite of passage for university students is the first time they have to do the washing, drying and putting their clothes away, including the bedsheet. But once it has fully dried, they face the daunting prospect of actually folding it so it a) fits in a drawer neatly and b) doesn’t end up looking like a dishcloth. Sound familiar? It’s a challenge faced by students, families, young and old alike. Fortunately, Beyond Storage have produced a step-by-step guide to ensure your bedsheets can be folded perfectly every single time.

The Seven Steps to a Perfectly folded Bedsheet

Step One: Grab the two shorter ends of the bedsheet and fold them together in half. Be careful not to let the material slip too much and try and have your hands exactly parallel and opposite one another, to bring the two points together.

Step Two: Once you’ve successfully got the bedsheet in half, keep a hold of the far corner and turn the sheet so you can grab the opposite corner. Bring the short end up so you have a long ‘carpet-like’ sheet.

Step Three: Take the bottom-left then fold it over horizontally to the far-right corner, folding the sheet in half once again. You should now be holding the top right and left corners of the longest side.

Step Four: Shake your sheet slightly, then fold the top right and top left corners in together. Flip the sheet so your right hand is holding the top right corner, and left hand is holding the top left corner of the shorter side of the folded sheet.

Step Five: Flip the sheet over in your hands so you are now holding the top left and top right corners of the longer side of the sheet. Place the sheet down neatly on a flat surface. Fold in the far long side to the centre of the bedsheet, and then fold up the other long side over the first fold. Your fitted bedsheet should now resemble a pair of freshly pressed and ironed trousers.

Step Six: Flatten your sheet to remove any creases and fold in the far short end of the sheet over twice, once to the centre and then another on top. Fold over once more, so you end with a small square sheet, about the size of a folded t-shirt.

Step Seven: Flatten your sheet to remove any final creases, and then store appropriate in your drawer!

Sounds simple right?

Once you start following these simple steps, you’ll have a super folded fitted bedsheet every time. Your challenge is to be able to do it as quickly as our friends at @OneRoomProject!