Plants can have so many benefits to the body and mood, no wonder taking a nice walk around the countryside can be so relaxing. Many people enjoy gardening because of the relaxing benefits it can have just being surrounded by nature. If you have ever been to Herefordshire, I’m sure you enjoy the surroundings and the beautiful landscapes that Hereford has to offer. But did you know that even indoor plants and gardening can have so many benefits to your wellbeing? We have discussed some of the benefits of indoor plants for mindset and also what indoor plants you may want to have to decorate your house.

Emotional Benefits:

There are many benefits to having houseplants, they can help with the body and with the mind creating more of a positive atmosphere in the home.

Decreases Stress Levels:
We all get stressed at different points in our week or day, do you feel the pressure? Houseplants are a great way to reducing those unnecessary stresses making you feel a little bit more relaxed. According to research, they can help keep your blood pressure levels low which in turn helps to increase your productivity making you feel and be more productive. Because of the reduced stress methods, houseplants make a great asset in the home and even office environment.

Makes You Feel Happier:
Our brain is full of happy chemicals called endorphins, they have been proven to help people who suffer from anxiety or depression to lift their moods. Having a hobby of taking care of your houseplant can help release more of these happy chemicals into your brain providing a happy and healthier you. So rather than sitting down watching TV or just doing nothing at all, get your mind going by involving yourself in a fun active hobby that you are sure to enjoy.

Adapts to Your Surroundings:
Houseplants are perfect for changing the home scenery providing a better home experience. A lot of plants are beautifully coloured which brings life and vibrancy to your home. Also because plants always need care and attention such as having a daily water which can always leave you feeling great!

Physical Benefits:

Clears The Air:
A lot of our homes have poor air quality indoors due to dust build up, furniture, carpets and even the combination of various cleaning products. When the air quality is poor it can cause us to have symptoms such as breathing problems, tiredness, and headaches. However, indoor plants such as the spider plant is a great way to improve air quality as it filters out all the bad chemicals.

Reduces Sickness:
With the weather changing and the cold weather starting to settle in colds and cases of flu are on the rise. Research has found that having houseplants can reduce illnesses by 60% compared to having no plants at all.

Helps with Breathing:
Indoor plants can assist us with our respiration as they absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen. When the plant increases in the amount of oxygen it releases it automatically generates a cleaner and healthier environment to be in.

Beyond Houseplants:

  1. Monstera – This dramatic tropical jungle looking houseplant is perfect for brightening up a dark corner in your home. The big beautiful leaves make it a pure delight to have in your home.
  2. The Money Tree – Unfortunately you cannot get actual cash from this beautiful tree but you can get clean air from it. Scientifically known as the Scindapsus aureus,” is fantastic at purifying the air.
  3. Areca Palm – This beautiful plant is pet-friendly and great at removing all bad toxins from the air.