Document storage for businesses is becoming more common nowadays. Document storage and archiving are now an important factor for organisations. Think about that information that’s essential for your company, but takes up too much space to have lying around the office. We at Beyond Storage offer document storage and archiving solutions for any business. Read on to find out what we can offer yours.


There’s usually a large amount of archiving that businesses need to do at the end of every financial year and after auditing. Whether you’re a small business or large organisation, you want to save your costly office space for other purposes, not just for storage. If your business is growing, your data will grow just as much; so it’s important to know where you can organise and store your documents where you can still have easy access to them when you need to draw on this information. Storing your archives with us means you can use that extra space in your office for what really matters to your business.
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Safe Storage

How important is safety? We know it’s very important. When you’re archiving and storing important documents, you want to know that they are safe and secure. These could be account records, personnel files or other confidential documents – whatever you’re storing, you want peace of mind knowing that they can only be accessed by yourself or others of your choosing. We at Beyond Storage offer 24/7 security, including CCTV surveillance and fingerprint access at some facilities. Knowing your documents and archives are secure will give you peace of mind and space to focus on your business.
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Right now you might be asking yourself: ‘Won’t I save money by keeping my documents on-site?’ The answer is more cost-effective than you think. You may believe that adding extra shelving could make space for these documents in your office. However, as you accumulate more documents, you’ll need more shelves, which will take up more space. Remember your Feng Shui – an uncluttered office means an uncluttered mind.

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Even if you have vast archives to store, we can still offer affordable rates on our top-of-the-line storage units, preventing your documents from being stolen or lost, which could be costly later down the line. At Beyond Storage, we offer secure storage at competitive prices for you, so you won’t be breaking the bank on an essential business need.


Having storage space is very convenient for businesses. Knowing that your documents are stored somewhere safe and easily accessible can take a load off your mind. Our storage facilities are easily accessible at any of our spacious locations, so you can drive right up to the insulated and climate-controlled storage containers. It saves you going back and forth when moving your archive – especially if you have van-loads of documents. Storage convenience will can let you focus more on other business needs, and we simplify this further with our on-site assistance from staff who can help you at any time you need.

Still, think that document storage and archiving is time-consuming and costly? We thought not. Contact us at Beyond Storage today for more information. Or to save you time, why not get a direct quote straight to your inbox?