It’s that time of year again, the legendary Halloween is back! Time to whip out those decorations from the loft and get ready to trick or treat yourself to some creative imagination. We have been art and craft crazy these last few months and with the introduction of our #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs competition, we have been loving all of your designs.

Now, we have a new trick up our sleeve and it’s all for you! Give one of these wacky and scarily easy Halloween arts and crafts a go and share your spooktacular creations with us.

Bat lamp

Halloween Arts - Bat Lamp

Creepin it real with this awesome bat lamp. Simply create bat cutouts on black card paper and stick them on the inside of a lampshade (cream or white works best). Once stuck on the inside, simply switch the lamp on and watch as the bats take over the light adding the perfect touch to a spooky Halloween.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

You can have a ‘gourd’ time getting messy and craftsy with crayons and a pumpkin model. Using different coloured crayons, lay them on the paper mache pumpkin, and blow dry the crayons until they melt over the pumpkin. Watch as the colours combine into a beautiful rainbow of colours. Try using orange, yellow, red and brown crayons to create a unique autumnal pumpkin design.
Halloween Arts - Crayon Pumpkin

Jar faces

Let’s get lit with these creative mason jar characters. You can make them funny, happy, angry, or scary all ready for the big night. Simply wash out any old mason jars and get decorating with paint, felt pens, permanent markers and any other art supplies you get your hands on.
Halloween Arts - Jar Faces

Image: Brit + Co

Pumpkin plant pots

Put autumnal flowers in hollowed-out pumpkins for easy outdoor decor this ‘Holloween’. This easy outdoor decor can really set the holiday spirits for you and your family. Carve out a few pumpkins and add some soil inside with your favourite autumn plants.

Halloween Arts - Pumpkin Plant Pots

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Take a look at some of our spooky Halloween entries so far this year!

Halloween Arts - #HomeIsWhereTheArtIs

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