Ah, mornings. That time of the day when the pressure is on, with a million things to get done in every aspect of your life. And staring you straight in the face is the gauntlet of getting perfect makeup done, so you can continue with your day as normal.  With so little time, this can seem like an impossible feat.

However, with a sprinkling of tips and tricks up your sleeve, it can become possible to look and feel beautiful the part to take back control of your life, even on the most hectic morning. To help you out, we’re sharing some of our best tips to make sure your makeup can be on-point, all day.

Go Beyond your Comfort Zone – Literally!

Don’t be afraid to step it up and go bold. Using contrasting colours, especially between your hair accessories and your makeup, can create a look that instantly pops. If you have dark hair, pair a bright yellow or blue headband or clips with pink lipstick or orange eyeshadow, and the complementary shades will bring out the best in each other.

Kiss your eyeliner goodbye.

Forget liquid eyeliner, eyebrow pens, and any other watery trends- liquid eyeshadow is now your new best friend. A lesser-known phenomenon which doesn’t get the respect it deserves, this is perfect for those perfectionists who want to make sure their makeup fits the shapes and curve of their faces down to a T. With liquid eyeshadow, the perfect cat-eye can be created as large and bold as you like, and the long periods spent labouring over getting your eyeliner just right are no longer needed when your entire lid is already clearly defined with a popping pink flick.

Make-up hacks. Makeup. Morning make-up.Mascara to the rescue!

If you’re still looking for a more dark and defined look but don’t have any eyeliner at hand, your mascara bottle may be able to do more for you than you think. Apply the wand horizontally in small increments along the edge of your eyelid, stroking the skin gently several times in short movements. This will produce a smoky, sultry look. Alternatively, take an old eyebrow pencil, coat the tip in mascara, and run it along your eyelid just as you would when applying eyeliner.

Flawless skin?

Considering the number of times you see plant-based influencers being answering questions about their favourite thing about cutting out dairy and they reply saying that eating fewer cakes and puddings cleared up their skin, there’s got to be something in the claim that both sugar and fat are our skin’s worst enemies. According to Dermatologist Avnee Shah M.D., the hormones and sugars found in milk products alone are known for flaring acne. As hard as it can be to cut tempting treats containing these things from our diets entirely, taking the plunge and going at least halfway can build the foundations to a creamier complexion.

Straight hair? Don’t care…

Because you’ve got a hidden curler ready to transform your look! We’ve all been there: you’re getting ready for a busy day and pining after curls but don’t have your curler at hand, and there’s nowhere near enough time to leave your hair in plaits for hours. Plait your hair into several thin, flat braids, and run them through a hair straightener at a tight setting. Undo the braids and watch perfectly crimped waves appear.

Do all of this, and you’ll be a-okay for whatever you are doing that day! Whether you are off to work, or relaxing, you are sure to look great! Why not pop into our storage sites and show off your new style?