garden furniture storage

Top Tips for Storing Your Garden Furniture

With summer drawing to a close, many are starting to think about how and where to store garden furniture and equipment safely ready for next year.…

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Family Gardening Tools

3 Top Tips & Tricks For Storing Your Garden Tools

As the weather heats up, our garden tools come out. But with damp, dirt and pests at play, our equipment may not always emerge as we’d last…

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Top Tips For Welcoming Different Bird Species Into Your Garden This National Nest Box Week

Show our nation’s feathered friends some love this Valentine’s Day as we kick off National Nest Box Week (NNBW)! We’re challenging you to build and…

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“Have you seen the new neighbours?!” 8 ways to welcome garden wildlife into your outdoor spaces.

Creating a welcoming environment in our gardens for wildlife such as birds, insects and other animals not only benefits our friendly neighbourhood…

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